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water under carept "soaked"


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September 1, 2003
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water under carpet "soaked"

what would cause water not coolant under the Drivers side carpet.

yesterdayw hile doing my body lift i pulled the carpet back and i was able to squeeze the carpet and get a huge puddle on the floor board????

not sure where it is coming from...
it is a Florida car or was a Florida car so ther eisn;t any rust especially on the floor boards.. nothing is leaking??

I am so baffled...
It is only on the driver side..

thanks for any advice...

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There be Water


What about those rubber plugs in the floor board under the carpeting that stops rain from the roadway etc from coming up thru the floor? Right next to the holes that have the body mount bolts there are a couple of plugs, I dont know what they are for but when you pull them out you can see straight thru to the roadway.

Ok so the plug's are all tight?? What about your air-conditioning unit?? Is the water condensation??

everything is still there...
i do thank you for your advice,
but that can not be it..

windshields are a common source of a leak on these trucks

If its not the windshield you need to check all the plugs in your firewall, if your truck is an auto then you have a clutch block off plate, they can leak too.

my $$$ is on the windshield, when it is replaced often they do not prep the surface correctly = leaks.

You can see if the water is coming in from up high by feeling the noise/heat matting up above your pedals...

hasn;t been replaced in the 4 plus years i have owned it and it was never wet before but I will check that out.. thanks 410 fortune...
it is mostly wet where my feet go...

quit stepping in puddles.....

My BII has 275K miles as of yesterday.
My drivers floor gets wet and has for years....
I yanked the stock carpet last week, hahahaha one of the last things to come out = GROSS.

New carpet kit is on order, but first = floor repair.
My BII has alot of holes in the floor, some from rocks, some from BII stress cracks (every BII in the junk yard has cracks in the floor = bad Ford) I wonder if the explorer suffers from the same?

I would check your fender skirts, firewall and around the doors, however I still guess windshield :)

I also think my truck leaks at the stock rubber plugs, they are just slightly "old" but I have never touched anything under the carpet...until now.

thanks for your comments....

I've been down this road before. Check out my Leaky Windshield Repair thread. When the seal around the windshield leaks the water will follow the pillar down the side to the firewall and then collect UNDER the carpet. In my case I noticed my carpet would get wet from the visor dripping on it (not soaking wet, but like a drip a minute if raining). A day or so later the carpet appeared completely dry; unfortunately I found out a lot more water was pooling under the carpet when I pulled up the carpet to change my body mounts. The pad and electrical channel were completely soaked. The channel was filled to the top with water from the passenger seat forward :eek: . I removed the seats and carpet and allowed it to air dry over several days. Because of the plastic backing, the pad would retain water for a long time before drying out.

i checked today and the carpet is wet near the top i mean where it hits the side panel...
i guess once i move into my house and have a garage i can finally do that same thing.. hopefully no rust or rot just a leak somewhere....

I would suspect it's condensate from the A/C system, backing up due to a clogged drain.

V8BoatBuilder said:
I would suspect it's condensate from the A/C system, backing up due to a clogged drain.

i just started using the ac recently adn i tell you it leaves one hell of a puddle with the ac going.. so i doubt it is the ac drain..

suspect from what others say the window...
not sure how to fix that without removving the windsheild...