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We gunna light up this whole town!


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May 17, 2011
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Wittenberg University
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'03 Sport Trac XLT 4x4

4x Red Pilot Interior LED Strips
2x Westin Off-Road Lights
1x Recon White Lighting Tailgate Bar


A dog named Friday :cool:
Stay Tuned.

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Looks great so far. Cant wait to see progess!

I'm jealous!!

I'm kicking myself right now... Sooo got on my way in terms of mounting the light bar and sure enough... bolt holes were not lining up... I thought okay this is strange lets check the part number. The safari bar, Westin 30-00025, was a correct fit, but the mounting kit it bundled with me was not! DAMN! You know that feature on amazon where it bundle products together that coinside with each other so you can save money? Well, it bundled me with a mounting that didn't fit my sport trac even though I was shopping under the category of my sport trac specs. (This is why I didn't bother checking the part number on the mounting kit. Amazon sucks, but thats what I get for not checking.)

UGH! I gotta send it back now and spend another $30 bucks to get the right mounting kit!!!! GAAAHHH!!! Stupid. Stupid.

That sucks bro, real ****ty. But I would look at it in two ways. Lesson learned. Always check amazon. (Ive been burned before by this forest) and You can always modify. Just depends on what you feel like doing. Sorry to hear that. Good luck though.

That bites, You got the 49" rear lightbar, right? I don't think the 60" will fit. Let us know how things go.

49" is correct. Yeah new kit comes Monday... Time to figure out how to wire LEDs! Yeah!

Installed the Tailgate Bar Light!

Here are the pictures of the Recon 49" White Lighting Tailgate Bar. Love it!


If you want to have the reverse light for this model you have to splice into the reverse light on the driver side tail light.


3M Tape holds the light in place, but because it is a plastic bumper, I may end up unscrewing 2 of the tape connecters and screw the light into the bumper. We will see.



I made a video of the various light cycles. I will post that shortly.

Good job, make sure you take some good black silicone and seal the hell out of each end so the water and road salt doesn't short out the board like it has done to everyone I know that have installed these types of light bars.

I see you put it on the bumper, it's gonna get alot of rain water and debris right there. That's why I mounted it to the bottom lip of the tailgate with 3M tape.

Oh yeah, where's the video???

The mounting surface under the tailgate was too small. Whereas the bumper was much bigger which is why I put it there. Alright how do you post a video?

Second, anyone know how to get cables from the cab through the firewall so I can connect them with the battery? I cant find a good spot to poke through because to be honest I have no idea if I will puncture anything import on the other side in the engine. So how have people gotten cables through the firewall???

if ya have a pic of where you got your wire through the firewall that would help tremendously! '03 Trac


On the light bar where the screw heads are is the side where I put the 3M tape on and stuck that to the backside of the tailgate, plenty of mounting area but that will work too.

Just make sure to seal up both ends of the light bar.

Ohh you pulled thee ol' switch-a-rooo! Makes sense.

So I thought I would continue with the pictures, here are my first set of LED's installed. 2 in the front seat and 2 in the back seat.

This is where my 2 rocker switches will go. One for the Front seats and the other for the Back seats.

Drilling out first hole!

First switch set in position.

Back side (will be in dash) Power, LED's, and Ground prongs

Second switch hole!

Just realized the switch lights are 2 different colors... :mad: still have my receipt! :p:

One switch has been wired! (Front Seats)

This little light of miiiiiine! :rolleyes:

Passenger side feet.


"My side" feet.

Well I'm taking a break from it tonight cuz I wanna swap out that one green colored switch. But what do you guys think?? Tell me Tell me!
The Back seat is next...


Looks good! Should look real good at night!

Workin' on the back seat now. Had to watch the soccer game... tough loss :(





Unda Da Hoood.


I decided against going through the firewall. The doorjam was easier haha.


Front Seat w/ Switches!


Back Seat. Windows up. That's the way we like too.... LOOK AT LIGHTS!

hahahahhhaha, I'm lovin' these LED's. Girlfriend wants me to do them in her car now. Safari Light Bar is the last thing to do!


Looks good, just to clean it up and make it easier to access the battery mount the power wires into the hot wire lead on the fuse block. Just a suggestion. It's located under the cover that flips open in front of the fuse box.

looks good bro. Good job. Yea i hear ya on the wiring through ther firewall. Ive done my system with two 0guage wire through the fire wall. A real pia. So i know what your going through. Maybe some zip ties just to hold evertyhing together. maybe some kind of black wrapping to make it look like one wire or at least if its running through the door you wont notice it as much. Just options. But looks good. Cant wait to see the rest.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! I really don't mind it, but I'll still play around and try not to electrocute myself ;) Really appreciate it.

So Amazon sent me the wrong part again... in the correct box though! yeah... they got the box right (had the correct part number on the box) but the wrong mount kit inside... I called them up got 50% off the new mount kit, refunded for the previous, free 2 day shipping. 3rd Time is the Charm right?

...better be...