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We gunna light up this whole town!

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Haven't given an update in awhile! :thumbdwn:

I just made a video on the tail light, so that will go up by this weekend.

My Safari bar is now installed (pics to come) and I'm currently in the process of wiring the off-road lights (pics to come). But all in all it's lookin pretty rugged!

On a side note, my tail gate got dented pretty hard to the point where there is a nice softball size dent that has chipped off the paint down to the metal it looks like. I thought okay well they will just pop the dent and repaint and it wont be that expensive. I got two estimates for over $900 to repair this "dent." Apparently the paint is some sort of "3-layer special paint" (quoted from a mechanic haha) which is why it is so expensive. Well... that will be put on the to do list haha. To expensive for a college student right now.

Just a little update in life of J.B. and his Trac

Pics to come :cool:

What color code is your Trac? Those quotes are redonkulous, shouldn't be anynore than around $3-500 max. I'd need to see pictures to be certain of price though.

What insurance od you have, if State Farm then you can simply pay the deductable and since it'd be under $1.300 it wouldn't be held against you on your ins.. You could probably claim it under comp and not collision since it would fall under someone backing into you vandalism, etc. ..

lookin good

mwhaha.... MWHAHAHA.... MWHAHAH.... MWA HA HA HA!


What do ya guys think?
Jibs :cool:

Nice job on the paint man. Trac's looking really good !!!

sweet!!! makes me want to get off my ass and redo the paint on my bezel, i scratched the hell out of it like an idiot and been meaning to put a fresh coat on it. love the painted bezel look.

You should paint the console, instrument panel, and door handles to match :)

I should, anyone notice the 2 fog light switches?

I will in the future, but I'm leavin' for college tomorrow morning again so I gotta shift the priorities a little bit. But I do have photo and I'll try to get the write up soon, but I'm going to be buried in biology classes in a few days haha.

Yeah, I noticed the Explorer Bezel swap.

I noticed. I just pulled the wiring out of my wife's Tahoe and should have the 4 PIAAs mounted on my brush guard this weekend. Haven't gotten the Explorer bezel, yet, but I would like to see how it was done.

I've also got to figure out how to do all 4 lights on that second fog button. I'm new to this kind of electrical work.

Does the new button light up when on?

Hugh, I have a Sticky on the swap. The new button lights up if you wire it to. Steve posted and has the wiring diagram to wire in the lights to the switch.

Oh, good. Yeah, I have the diagrams you forwarded me. I just haven't really looked at them, yet. Won't be able to get to this until the weekend.