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Weak - No Reverse in A4LD

Rebus Knebus

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May 14, 2002
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Keller, TX
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'94 XLT

I have a '94 XLT with 190k miles on it and am having problems with the transmission. It shifts fine in O & D but in reverse, I kind of have to wait on it.

If the vehicle is cold, I can place it in reverse and wait for it to catch, and then can back out/up or almost anything I need to do. If I get too anxious, I can hear the transmission slipping.

If it's somewhat warm, I have to wait longer for it to catch and it slips more when trying to backup.

If I remove the vacuum line, the reverse gear is as good as it ever was but I have to manually shift the gears going forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...