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WeatherTech Side Window Air Deflectors


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May 10, 2019
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NE Ohio
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2020 Explorer ST
So, I've had the Ford wind deflectors a couple of weeks now. I've had a chance to drive it in wind and rain. I believe it does make for added wind noise, although obviously cannot do back and forth comparisons. As for rain, the small gap in front, above where the driver's side mirror attaches, does not appear to be a problem. There is probably negligible rain introduced from that area when the windows is left open a couple inches. There is intermittent sprinkles of rain entering from the top of the window. Appearance wise, it looks very good. It does not call attention to itself and the glossy dark smoked appearance closely matches the glossy black trim on the doors. So far, I have no adhesion issues. I did make sure to clean the soft window trim it is taped to and the kit includes alcohol wipes for a final cleansing. I always like to take a heat gun to freshly applied mounting tape, especially since it's rather cool lately. Bottom line, the kit is cheap enough and there is no "in-channel" alternative, that I would still recommend it if you want a deflector now.

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