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Website for OEM class 3 hitch


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September 7, 2006
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02 XLT
Hey everyone,
I am looking for an OEM class 3 hitch for a 2002 XLT. I have looked online and found a site where I can get one for around $250. I called a bunch of local dealers and their prices range from $295 for just the hitch to $510 for the whole kit including the oil cooler and wiring and all that. I also called a few local salvage yards and none of them have one.

I dont plan on towing over the trucks limit just because Im looking for the larger hitch. I have some accessories that fit the 2" receiver and will just feel better having the larger draw bar when towing my camper.

If anyone else who was looking for the class 3 hitch found a good site to order one from please let me know.



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March 1, 2005
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Birmingham, MI
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'10 Sport Trac
I'm looking too, your best cheapest bet would be to check the junk yards. Once I was looking for roof racks, found a 02 with the class III and they where asking about 100 at the time. After I got the roof racks went back a month later and it was gone. Be sure to get the wire harness while your there.