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Weird ABS Problem


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January 16, 2005
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2009 Limited V8
I have been trying to fix a problem with my ABS for several months now and have had no luck. The system works perfectly fine 90% of the time but on occasion the ABS will engage like it does when a wheel locks up, however it is on dry pavement and it only does it when the vehicle is rolling to a stop below 5 mph. Or another way to describe it is in the last 10 feet of a stop the ABS kicks in. Again the weird thing is the system works completely fine when at a driving speed. I have replaced all of the wheel speed sensors, didn't solve the problem. The one thing I did notice is that there is grease all over the Exciter Gear in the front left bearing hub assembly. Is that normal? Could that be the cause of the problem? I'm thinking that a seal went in the hub assembly and the grease is fouling the sensor. Any Ideas?

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that grease maybe a problem. I had the same symptoms after replacing a ball joint last summer. i managed to get a little piece if grit on the sensor. once cleaned off and seated nice 'n tight it was fine.

Do you remember if your exciter gear was clean or was there grease on it? the only reason why I think the grease might be causing the problem is because the exciter gear on the right side is clean. Can anyone confirm that gear should be clean?

Some have grease, some don't I've found. You might wanna see if there's any dirt or anything else in there....

I don't remember for certain. Seems it was clean though. I think more important than grease, is clean grease. If it's meant to be greased I imagine it would need to be clean. Sand or dirt or grit of any sort would throw of the sensor. But I doubt a light coat of the right kind of grease would be problematic.