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Weird Brake Problem

c-dooxp girl

December 31, 2003
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97 explorer sport
Hi Guys! :)

I am having a strange problem with my 97 Ex sport it has 4 wheel discs and whenever I back into a parking spot, I have the wheel cranked, I apply the brake it judders forward! :confused: like the ABS kicks in!!????

When I am going straight it has never done it so is it something with my ABS sensor do you think? and where is it located?

Thanks for your help!

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are the rotors a little loose? slight wobble of the rotor could cause the sensor to misread.

If it is a 4x4, the front rotor has nothing to do with the ABS sensor. I don't know about the 2 wheel drive. This is for 4x4 only.

The 4x4 front ABS sensor is mounted on top of the front wheel bearing hub assembly. You need to remove the wheel,caliper,caliper bracket,rotor and splash shield to get at it. It is bolted on by one hex screw, an O ring around the sensor body makes a tight fit into the hole. The rear ABS sensor is mounted on top of the rear axle housing.

If you are having a low speed false abs activation problem, you need to remove the front ABS sensors and clean up the mounting surface, grease it before you put it back in. That should fix it.

Do a search on ABS false activation in this forum, this question pops up often in this forum.

Thanks for the response Pax!

Yeah it is 4x4 I will do what you suggest thanks again, hey I see you are in T.O I am near London ;)

aka c-dooxp girl


You need to know for sure it is the ABS kicked in while you are backing up before you do all the work. Otherwise you are just wasting time.

My truck was doing this while it was moving forward just before a complete stop. From 10-0 km/h only, never on reverse. Both of my Ford Explorer and Chvy Astro AWD Van were having the same symptoms. Both worked ok after the clean up of the mounting surface.

You do know what the ABS feel like when it is activated, right? The brake paddle pulses and the front ABS pump make a buzzing sound. It it is doing it, you are on the right track, otherwise look for something else. Like the previous poster suggest.

Hey Pax

That is exactly what it is doing! It has to be the sensor.

Thanks again....