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Weird Door... Help?!?

So I was bored out of my mind today and figured it was about time I quit talking about taking off my light blue and pink pin stripes and go outside and do it... So I grab the razor blade and head for the driveway... I start on the passenger side rear quarter panel since that's where I started on the 91 I had, and I thought it'd be a cool tradition. So I got all but some glue off of the panel... Then I don't know why, but I went to the front passenger side door. I noticed there was a little bit of clear coat peeling off around the pin stripe for some reason, so I just went ahead and took the chunk off with the rest of the pin stripe. I'm going to take the truck to a body shop and have the paint chips filled in and the clear coat redone soon anyway, so what's another small spot?

come to find out, the pin stripes on that door are UNDER the clear coat. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but don't first gen Explorers have pin stripes OVER the clear coat? Also, I didn't have any problems with the quarter panel... So I go to the front of the door (by the front fender) and start peeling away. Now this is where it gets weirder. The pin stripes on the entire door are on a raised surface. It's like an aftermarket door or something with little bumps where the pin stripes go, and clear coat over the pin stripes. I checked the driver's door and alas, no raised parts...

Has anyone heard of these doors, or should I be concerned? Just because I"m concerned whether y'all tell me to be or not, I'm having someone run the VIN on carfax.

Below are some pics. I'm not sure if they'll work. If they don't, let me know and I'll figure out another way to post them here... <-- Rear quarter panel. You can see how nice and smooth it is, and other than the glue still on there, how well the pin stripes came off. <-- Rear part of passenger side front door. All the little chips around where the stripes were is clear coat I had to chip off to get to the stripes. <-- This is the best pic I could get of the raised grooves on the door. I didn't have to go through any clear coat up on that part of the door.

I'm guessing parts of the truck were repainted.

It is very possible to have an accident not show up on Carfax. Unless it was reported to an insurance company, the financier of the vehicle, or maybe the police, it won't show up.

The pictures don't work directly, but I just copied the link and pasted them in another window and they worked.