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Weird hub ABS sensor issue


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March 26, 2015
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South Carolina
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00 5.0, 01 4.0.
Okay, on my 2001 Explorer, 4.0 4WD, I just replaced the right front hub, the ABS light wasn't on but it was obviously bad, major play and noise, with a hub I was given, brand new hub, was told it didn't work right with the ABS system, was a bad sensor or something causing the ABS light to be on, seemed like a good deal, just put a sensor in it, bolt it on, and go ahead. So I bolted it on, no play in it, took it for a drive, nice and quiet, no issue, drives perfectly, drive was at least 15 miles round trip. Second trip, maybe a mile in, ABS light came on, had a code for the sensor but can't remember which one, any particular reason for that? It's clearly a brand new hub and shouldn't have issues with two sensors.

What brand hub did you use?

It's a Moog hub, so he told me, and it's a lot heavier than the one it replaced so I'm inclined to believe him, the numbers on it are 515052 and they show on RockAuto as being a Moog hub.