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weird idle/ a/c compressor?


June 15, 2009
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Belleville, IL
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'01 Sport Trac
okay, so i bought an 01 sport trac back in oct, and its been wonderful. but when i turn the a/c on or defrost, the a/c compressor cycles every 6 or 7 seconds. i don't remember my b3000 cycling that often. also my idle drops off when the a/c compressor cycles. it normally idles around 600-700, but when the a/c cycles it will drop to 500. When it drops that low it will also go back up in steps, and it idles a little rough. i tried cleaning the IAC valve but that didn't help. I looked at all the vacuum hose i could find but im not completely adept in an engine bay. any ideas would be appreciated.