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Weird left hand electrical problems


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May 21, 2013
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Baltimore, MD
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2003 Mercury Mountaineer
My 2003 Mountaineer suddenly developed a strange electrical problem. Truck is running fine, but half my interior electrical stopped working. Power driver seat doesn't work, but Power passenger seat does. Also the keyless entry and the keychain remote entry no longer work. Very strange that pretty much the left hand side of the truck electrical quit working but the rest is fine: radio, windows, everything but the power locks also. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas please let me know.

broken wire in between firewall and the driver's door could be part of it . . . .

open the drivers door look between the door hinges, there is a rubber boot. it has all the wiring inside it push the boot into the door (dont cut it) pull it out from the body side and push it into the door. you will find a broken wire or two splice them back together.not to hard to do..hope this helps