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weird map light bulb


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March 21, 2010
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Virginia Beach, VA
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1991 xlt
anyone know the part number for this bulb? its the map light in the overhead console. autozone is helpless and ive only ever seen the 168s in other lights.


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My overhead console used to have that style bulb in it but I switched to a newer style that uses the 194 bulbs.

I know mine had a number on it but I don't remember the number. I do know that they were hard to find. Your best bet might be measuring it and comparing them to measurements online. I can look and see if i have the old bulb in the old console but it'll be Friday before I will be able to.

I personally would just replace them with some LED panels. Much brighter and will last a long time.

Yea it says 12v 10w on them. I think it was 10w anyway. Everything online is to long.
I'm considering leds, but I'm assuming I need to know the part number first so I can get the ones shaped like the stock bulbs. Not really in the mood for a retrofit with hot glue for some leds lol.

I looked for ones that were shaped like those and just like tha regular ones everything I found was either too short or too long.

Good luck with your hunt let us know what you find.

i managed to find out its a 39mm festoon. looking in autozone i found a bulb that was just a hair longer then the one in the ohc. its sylvania DE3175 LL. it fit right in its place. it was a little difficult to get the lock ring in to be able to turn and lock it. prob due to it being a hair longer, or cause i was looking up with my arms in the arm trying to change it lol

but it works. once again for anyone searching, Sylvania DE3175 LL.