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Welcome and Rules!

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Welcome to the Home Improvement Forum!! This is where all you Tim Allen wannabee's can ask questions and give advice on home improvment.

This forum follows all of the guidelines in the forum rules section. In addition to the site rules:

1- Please use the Search function before you ask a question, if you still can't find the answer you needed then post away. This will help keep down on the clutter and make my job easier.

2- When you have a question, please be as specific as possible. Questions like "how do I fix my plumbing?" are a little tough to answer. A more appropriate question would be "how do I stop the slow leak around the base of my toilet?"

3- If you ask for an opinion, be prepared to hear things you might not like. Opinions are a dime-a-dozen, and everyone has one. However, flaming will not be tolerated. If you flame someone, you will have you post edited or deleted, and may suffer further sanctions. Please contact me via PM or E-Mail if you think something is out of line. I will look into it and take appropriate action if necessary.

4- Please do not try and advertise your services here without first contacting Rick https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/conversations/add . Forum rules still apply here, even if the discussion isn't about your Explorer.


Jeff Draper

Not open for further replies.