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Welcome to the General Explorations Forum

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Ray Lobato

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February 8, 1999
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2006 Honda Accord
This forum is for all general base questions. i.e "Where are the ABS sensors",
"How do you program the remote keyless entry",
"Where are the O2 sensors located"?

This forum is not for asking questions about modifications, non standard features, what type of shocks, what size tires can fit on your truck,or posting pictures of your truck. We have other forums for those types of questions. I will remove these types of questions.

Please do not use this forum to meet other people in your area, that is for the trails forum. I will remove it.

Other rules of use for this forum include: obeying the Forum Rules

Please use the Quote option wisely, it is not needed when you post directly under the statement you are quoting.

Please do not type in all capital letters. That is yelling and it will get deleted.

When asking a question, please give as much information as you can, so others will better be able to help you. It helps if you have the year, style of you truck in you signature so others know what you have.

If you have an emergancy and need help quickly, do not post here. The 911 forum is where you should post.

Please use the Search function before you ask a question, if you still can't find the answer you needed then post away. We only ask this because we see the same question come up hundreds of times.

If you got a ticket, someone broke into you truck or your truck got totaled, don't post it in this forum. I will remove it. There are more appropriate forums to post these sort of things in.

If a thread is missing don't start another one asking where it is, simply PM the moderators of the forum

Not open for further replies.