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well guys, i failed

As I said before....Awesome. That is in no way a "Failure". That is a work of dedication and love right there. Most people would of gave up and moved on. It will pay off in the end I truly believe...well I hope so anyway :)

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If you want to drag frame, just weld a bit of material to the crossmember. Cheating? Maybe, but it will work :D

yeah, i will do that in the rear- and cheat by the 3/4" needed at the front leaf spring perch. I don't REALLY want to drag the front, i just wanted to be able to say it was on the ground.

I won't be doing much other than working and working on the truck for the next few months- but there are still quite a few high dollar items left and i'm not sure i can get it completely done this winter due to cash flow.

boominXplorer said:
But they might be for sale soon.

DIBS!!!!! sorry for the hijack.....proceed (Boomin PM me when you wanna sell)

park in some grass, no one will be able to tell its not on the ground... but then again, you might get stuck trying to drive out..... hmmmm

Hey just wondering what exactly have you done to the front to get it that low? just a TT an flip? or what im looking to go lowwer in the frony myself, ive don 2.5 already with adjuster bolts out. now im thinkin about flippin the keys.. please help me out this is begining to bother me.

in order to get that low-

removed torsion bars
completely overhauled the lower arms
put a huge "sideways" notch into my front frame
mounted the bag between the "new" lower arm and the frame notch
trimmed the inner fenders out
relocated the reservoirs (ditched the windshield washer one- and shaved the wipers)
hacked the hell out of that crossmember thats almost laying (so that the steering wouldn't rub)
hacked the hell out of the frame in various other spots so the travel wasn't restricted

I get 8" of lift up front at 160 psi out of the bags and my ride height setting is about 3.5" higher than bottom.

ooh- i see you awd. i skipped the chapter about how i bagged it with special "hoops" so the front driveshafts could still work, got 2800 miles out of it and then completely destroyed those driveshafts and my bag brackets etc., was out of commission for 5 weeks, and then had to completely redo the front which culminated in the pictures i posted today...

Looks good! I should be bagging mine in a couple more weeks (we're flowjetting some brackets right now).

Here's pics of someone who made custom upper control arm brackets:
Mr. Scrape


Just looked back through your pics again, are you suiciding the rear doors?

They are already suicide I believe.

only 1 is "done", but it actually isn't right now due to a little accident

but, yes.

that looks good there too! i dont know enough to really know how to custom build 'em or i would try. maybe you can help get me going.


I've never relocated controlled arms myself either. FBI had a Christmas special on some parts that were 'buy one get one free' so I bought some of their Blitzluft 1/2" valves. The sales rep I talked to actually owns an '01 Sport Trac. He told me he had just finished a 4-1/2 body drop on his (its the silver Sport Trac with blue flames on their website). I asked him if he relocated his upper control arms and he said he did, but he really didn't have to because he ended up installing some DJM control arms made for the Ranger. He said he had to re-drill the spindle for it too fit properly. I'm not exactly sure where you would re-drill, I'm thinking you should be able to just bolt-on some stock Ranger spindles.

I just relocated my battery last week and in a couple more weeks I hope to get down to less than 60 hours a week at work here so we can get going on the air suspension. I finally get some extra money for parts and then I don't have the time to install them and they collect dust for a few weeks :rolleyes:

How did you do your rear set-up? I've been looking at the Isuzu Trooper, it has a 2-Link setup with Panhard bar, I'm thinking about pulling one from the junkyard (should be fairly cheap) and building custom brackets for it.

my rear is just under the axle bag mounts and stock leaf springs with 4" blocks. My stereo provides the rest of the drop.

I am torn between leaving it as is (i like how it is a bit raked although quite low as it sits now) and 4 linking it.

there are a lot of reasons for me to do both things- but i plan on driving the truck so little and my leaf springs are still "intact" that i'd really just be doing it because people look down on leaf spring + bag set-ups.

if you can get more information from that guy that would be great- i would replace my spindle and brakes too anyways- i'm looking to upgrade the whole thing soon (i'm currently running awd "spindles" with the half shaft cut off... lol.

I believe the best answer for the rear is a parellel 4-link- which you can get in there without messing with the stock gas tank (although to go lower than me you'll need a fuel cell anyways)

I really wish i could do a body drop- but i'd have to do stock floor and i don't have the time and resources to do that now. I plan on finishing my truck up soon and keeping the focus on the stereo and body mods- i'm hoping the suspension is "cool" enough to allow me to compete when the rest of the truck is taken into consideration.


The '02 Sport is daily driver, so I won't have time either for a stock floor body drop on this one, possibly a full tube chassis on another one though. This one will be a traditional body drop (if I decide to do it).

For fuel tanks I picked up a Bronco II cell (they fit right between the frame rails where the spare tire would go).

A friend of mine is parting out a T-Bird, we're going to do some dismantling tomorrow. If it has an 8.8 on it I may go IRS in the back, 4-Wheel Camber :cool:

On the suicide doors, did you buy a kit, custom, or retrofit?

suicide door kit- i promise i'll take some good pictures of the work on them someday.

problem is there isnt enough room in my garage for now to get them finished up. I had one almost done and then had a little accident driving when i shouldn't have been. Since then i've been doing all this other stuff, and there isn't enough room in the garage to work ont hese so long as there is another project in it- and there always seems to be one. The body kit on the q45 infiniti is finally actually getting done though- so once that happens, and i finish work on my undercarriage, and engine bay, bolt my wheels back on and center the truck in the garage i'll finish them up (in other words they are basically the very last thing in line before my truck is "finished'- the only thing later would possibly katzkins, but they'll probably happen first too.

hit me up on aim at wattsupcustoms sometime- i'd like to sort of keep up with what you're prject is doing.

where is cedar park by the way? i may be moving to Austin soon.

Hey expo,

Cedar Park is right outside of Austin (Northwest). The city line splits one of the mall's in Austin (some of the store's have an Austin address, the other's Cedar Park).

I've been without the computer for a while now at home, I only get online at work. I'll have to see if I can download AIM here.....

Strange that we are about the same height, yet my fenders are at 20 3/4"... Then again I am a first gen... Not a failure I did mine like that for a reason, No drag'n frame just plates I weld on the crossmember...

expo5.0 said:
in order to get that low-

relocated the reservoirs (ditched the windshield washer one- and shaved the wipers)

How can you safely "Shave" the wipers!? :confused:

Crankcase said:
How can you safely "Shave" the wipers!? :confused:

Lots of RainX and reapply often. I never use my wipers for rain. I live in Florida and we have a long rainy season and RainX works wonders.

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yeah, i never used mine either

the answer to the safety question is- drive one of the safest cars on the road 99.99% of the time (my 1999 audi a6 avant) and not the explorer.