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Well I have a new to Me Explorer.


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February 14, 2015
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Colorado Springs, CO
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Colorado Springs, co
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98 Durango
It is a 93 XLT with a few issues. Not a big deal to me. I had to sell my 92 last year and have really regretted it. Now I have another one. I am picking it up Sunday and will have a lot better pictures then. Can not wait to get her and start my build again.



Will be doing an SOA and a SAS to fit 35" tires underneath her. Once I am able to get started on the build I will post up of a build.
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Congrats! Very nice. Have fun.

Well here she is on my trailer on her way home. A bit of work needed for interior but that's all good. Got her for next to nothing. Maybe $500 is all. Will post pictures when its day time.

My daughter took the picture. Her phone is like the best at taken pictures.

Well here she is next to her younger sister. The 96 is my Daughters Ex and then the 93 is mine. For hers we are planning a TT Add a leaf and Maybe a Shackle. Then getting 32's under hers. For mine it will be more of a build like I said earlier in this thread.



The one thing I really like is that the Front Bumper on Mine is still Straight.