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Well that didn't go the way I had expected.


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October 13, 2008
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Kansas city
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94 Eddie Bauer 4x4
I grew up here in Florida. In my 20's I was ready for something a little different, so I loaded up my trucktruck, and moved out to Kansas city. I was there for about 5 years before the job market went to hell. Ended up coming back to Florida for work. I met my wife shortly after coming back, and a year later we were married. That was nearly five years ago.

Last Sunday, after not speaking for nearly a week, my wife says she want to get divorced. She asked me to be moved out in a month. About an hour after that conversation, my father calls me (from Kansas city) and tells me that he's just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

So, in the space of an hour, I went from having a nice home in Florida, a wife and two step-daughters, a good job... Basically a pretty decent life, to needing to find a place to live, no wife and kids, and a father with cancer.

I've had to do some pretty quick thinking here, and what I've come up with is this: move back to Kansas city, get my cdl, help my pop. Now to just make it all happen.

Wish me luck! Lol.

Damn man. What a kick in the ball sack !!

All I can say to you is this, the only way to get through this is to go through this.
Embrace the journey, effed up as it may be. Embrace the journey.

You will be in my prayers.