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Well this Sucks!

sohc has both

his is an OHV, but the SOHC does have a valve cover mounted cam sensor on the drivers side and a dummy oil pump drive cam sensor on the back of the engine, the SOHC has a fake cam that runs along the block to drive the oil pump, lol

Jamest I had no idea this was the pin you were talking about!! All I did was spin the shaft on my 98 sensor and see the flag rotate, I didnt think to check torque!

FINGERS CROSSED this may be the whole reason I got this 98 with a bad engine, he said it was run with no oil, I think he meant no oil PRESSURE

Thanks stic-o for the pics you may have just saved my ass on my 98 engine replace project.

Also if you dont have an engine x member I would drop my pan and replace my pump and pickup JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN LOL (and because 140K miles = insurance, just use FORD parts or better LOL)

Can a slightly worn cam sensor cause poor gas mileage?

Can a slightly worn cam sensor cause poor gas mileage?
The sensor doesn’t wear, it’s non contact. Usually the rotor on the drive wears and it eats the sensor apart. If it’s failed it should light the check engine light.

I must have posed my question wrong. When I opened the cam synchronizer up I noticed a little rust colored powder around the sensor. I'm wondering where it's coming from and will it affect my mileage.