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went mudding, got problems


November 11, 2002
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San Diego, CA
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92 XLT
Hey everyone,

I went to a intense mud pit a few days ago. A buddy in his F-250 flat bed and i in my explorer. The mud was about 2-3 feet deep and very wet. We played around in it for a while, then we drove to the river. On the way my explorer started to overheat real bad. I stoped at my friends house and lifted the hood only to find the whole engine compartment was full of mud. Everything was covered. I washed the radiator off and it helped. The overheating stoped. But today i was driving around and the temp guage got all the way to the L in the normal. Could there still be mud in the radiator or somewhere else that is causing it to get hot.

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did you wash everything that you could get to off? When you hit mud like that stuff is gonna start to go real bad real quick, mud really really tears stuff up. I would give it a good cleaning and then put one of those oscillating sprinklers under your car and let that run for a few hours just to get the underside clean(er) and see what happens.

I'm willing to bet there is still mud in the radiator, probably something that simple, just take a real close look @ it.

how much are you willing to bet? start off at $50?

yes its almost 2:00 AM and still at the office. what fun.

i agree.. its probably just some mud caking the radiator.

Jason.. you're starting to feel it, huh?

to say the least... and its just sitting here waitin on HUGE photoshop files to open, filter, etc..
1.5 gig files don't make quick edits..

i probably should take out the radiator and clean it out really good. I got all the mud off that i can see. Some mud is probably stuck in the fins of the radiator. I probably won't go mudding like that again. I also destroyed my alternator and my battery.

You better be ready to get up at the ass crack of dawn on saturday Jason, work is just no excuse haha. Oh yea, while I am posting, someone PLEASE buy my CD player for the love of god and if you would like to buy an RC car I have one of those too.

walcheff- I don't know if you should take the whole radiator out. That would be a lot of work. Plus you'd have to decharge your AC. I just get in there with the high pressure car wash hoser spray deal and clean it good.

Jason.. what do you do? I probably know.. but I forgot. You get to open photoshop files.. thats pretty cool. :D

design trade show exhibits. i'm battling a 28' x 8' high res graphic right now.. its real fun. makes my system seem like a dinosaur.

walcheff.. its not as uncommon as you'd think. i know many people that have the problem your having after going mudding. they don't go muddin anymore either. and like section said.. just spray it real good.

Ahhh yeah. Now I remember. You were talking about your company throwin away a bunch of stuff. I knew I.... knew.

Walcheff.. you're doin good, man. How can you afford rent/mortgage in La Jolla (La Jall-La)? :D

Thanks for the replys guys. I'll take my Explorer to a pressure washer and wash everything. Give the engine a nice scrubbing