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Were does your clutch petal engage?

April 12, 2011
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pinckney, MI
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94 ford explorer sport
my 94 explorer petal engages at the very top and the trans shop says it is fine but the clutch squeaks when it is running in neutral with clutch engaged and when the truck is accelerating hard you can hear this noise like a glass cup sliding a crossed the table constantly but not at normal acceleration and it has a newer trans and the dude i bought it from says he put a new clutch in but the pressure plate look like crap like rusty finger, glazed with hot spots and same with fly wheel. Now when I put the newer trans in i had the flywheel cut and replace the pressure plate.

Now what i am asking is this normal?

Mine engages way down low, and is quite progressive through the travel. As for your situation, no it doesn't sound normal. It sounds like a clutch slave/throwout bearing issue to me.