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What a Cool Sight!!!


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March 26, 2002
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Katy, TX
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1991 XLT
Wow, talk about weird... I went to dinner tongiht at a local steakhouse, and as always parked right up front. No other cars near me at the time. I eat my dinner nice and tasty, and then I come out to leave. My friend Ashley walks to the car, and almost opens the door, but stips when I say, "no thats not my car..." she looks, and yup, not mine... So we walk to the next one, looks like mine, but nope... so third try, and finally... MY CAR! What was so confusing? Well, there were 3 Explorer Sports (O1+) in a row. All black. In fact, mine and the 2nd one still had paper tags. mine and the 2nd one even h ad the same rims and everything. Identical looking cars. And what was that? The next car in line was a 2nd gen black 4 door... thats right, 4 balck explorers in a row, right at the front door. I felt pretty cool. So cool that I had to pull out my digi cam and show ya'll. Of course I left notes on the 2 sports with my name on here and the website address here. Cool story huh?




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thats pretty sweet

Ha Ha! That's pretty cool.:D

It was a pretty cool feeling to know i am part of a cool new trend :) Haha...

haha thats awesome

That is awsome!!!! I hardly ever see other Sports where I am. Great pics.

GM is #1... Yeah right!!:D

haha... thats what Im sayin! I just kinda hope they show up on the board, and it turns out to be really hot twin sisters... ;) haha, hot twins who drive explorer sports... what more could i ask for? haha...

twins and their other hot sister driving all three explorers

:) oh yeah haha... too bad it probably is really just 2 old guys haha... but thats ok too bc then we can get them to mod their rides...

Looks like a dealership lot !!!
A few nights ago I pulled up to a red light with a 2nd gen Ex Sport in front of me, beside me and in front of him. All different colors. I think I was the only one to notice though.
Second gen Ex's are a dime a dozen out here. I am aware of atleast FOUR Ex Sports identical to mine.
( I gotta get on some more mod's !! )

yeah i am trying to decide what i wanna do. I am thinking a Safari Light bar and stainless steel nerf bars... to give my black truck a nice clean look to it... what ya think?

It's not lie that it has been the #1 SUV since its introduction in 1991. That is an awesome picture. I swear every time I goto school, I see at least five Xs.

Five different ones at one stoplight ;) Earlier today, I was in the X, and behind me was a blue second gen, in front of me was a black 3rd gen, to the left of me was a beatiful early 90's red F-350 Powerstroke, and behind him was a red Lightning. No joke either. :bounce:

yes yes weve all seen other Ex's, but these were 3 of the same body style, same color cars, in a row... that was so freaky.,.. I almost got in the wrong car! Haha... Straannnnnngggeeeeeee...... Ok so not really that strange, but it was kinda cool. Anyways... yes, it IS one of THOSE nights tonight... no no P.U.I.... but i am a little out of it... Hah...

That is so cool...I have been there before...It just looks so cool to see identical X's.....:D


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I had two sports (one white, one silver) next to me in the parking lot at my base exchange about 2 weeks ago. One nose to nose when I pulled in, (saw it and had to park next to it, of course) and when I came out another one had just pulled up. He was an A-10 Pilot and said he had seen me driving around base, and asked what the heck I had under it to make it "sound so cool" Made my day, told him about the Flowie and the board, and he said he'd check it out. His was silver, had leather and some 16" Alcoa 8 hole style rims wrapped in some pretty aggressive off-brand (General?) tires. It made me think some more about lifting it, since they all looked exactly the same. Gotta do something to stand out.

that's why I put my light-bar and cb antenna on mine. Got tired of it lookin like every other damned green 4-door :rolleyes:

Originally posted by Soundguy01tx
It was a pretty cool feeling to know i am part of a cool new trend :) Haha...

:eek: Yes, Yes. I started the Cool Black O1+ Sport trend. It's true, it is sweeping the nation! :p

I love that. There are about 5 O1+'s at work. But I am the only black one. One of my good friends there drives a white O1 sport. We get a kick out of parking next to each other.

haha well i got a 12inch Pioneer Sub installed today at Best Buy, and my sales Rep was like, "what kinda car?" When I told him a 03 explore sport, he goes, "well hell, i know what you need then, I have a white 01 sport." He proceeded to ask me if I had done anything else to it, and recommended looking into billet grilles. He was happy with his grille, but wants to do more, so I informed him of the site. :) Always makes my day to meet another Explorer aficianado... lol

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Jeze, anyone that you don't tell about this site?!? :D Hehe, just kidding, what do you think about that grille, you going to go for it?