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What A day!!!!!!!!


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February 25, 2001
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Colorado Springs, CO
Well I just got home from wheeling with Redneck88 today. I had a blast and few little things happened to the explorer again. We went down by Independence trail near Penrose. Well the begining of the day went smoothy with no problems. The other half is a different story. We ran a few side trails for awhile after we were done doing that we decided to head back to the main entrance then go down to the lake to play in some mud and do some other trails. Well about half way back to the entrance Redneck stopped to wait for me to catch up to him. When I got up to hime his truck died and would not start. We thought it was a battery cable replaced that and still no start. So we decided to push the truck down the hill and pop the clutch to get it started. Well I pushed he hopped in and the truck went flying down the hill and it finnaly started. So we were on the go again. Well we were just about to the end came up the second to last hill Zach went first and I went last well I took the harder way and got hung up on the front leaf spring hanger. Tried to back off the rock but it got stuck on the rear diff. So we had to stack some rocks to get me going again. It worked but then 4low went out in the explorer so I had a hard time getting up the last hill but I made it. Just had to go fast. While doing this I had both front tires off the ground about a foot. It was fun. We finnaly get to the entrance and we head down to the lake that is drying up to go and play in some mud and do some hill climbs afterwords. Well the mud was great perfect to play in. We played for awhile. When I came down this one hill and hit the mud not really fast at all I hear a craking noise coming from the rear of the explorer. I look back and My Right rear window had shattered when I hit the mudd. I have no Idea how this happened or why it happened. So we tape that up with some duct tape and play around for awhile longger. After awhile we decided to go do some hill climbs. I had to park the explorer because I had no 4Low so i took pics of Zach doing the hills. He had some trouble on the second hill watched his front diff crack a rock, but he finnaly made it up. Well he decided to take another steep hill down with some big moguls. Well the first one he hit the the wrong way causing his Right Rear tire to come off the ground about a foo and a half. He stops cause he is about to roll down the hill end over end. I grab a strap from his truck and use it to keep the rear from coming all the way off the ground. We finnaly got his ranger down the hill in one piece. Well after this we decided to call it a day and started to head home. On the way out I wanted to go hit the mud again on last time well Of course the one last Time I have to get stuck. Tried to get myself out but only dugg myself in deeper. Well Zach pulled me out with the ranger and we decided to call it a day for good this time.

So to sum it all up We had Zachs truck die on the trail and almost roll. For me It was getting hung up on my leaf hanger, Lost 4Low(don't work at all), had the two front wheels of the ground, One broken window, and one stuck in the mud. Well It was a good day had lots of fun and can't wait to go again. I need to call the insurance company to get a new window since its free.
I will have pics up later tonight so check back if you want to see pics. Sorry it was long.

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Well Joe About Covered everything Allthough the minor setbacks i had a blast...Except one thing when we took the trucks over to independance trail...for those of you who live here and have not seen it yet all i got to say is hhhhholy shhhhhIAT !!!:eek: IT LOOKS fawkin NUTS :confused: and we only walked the first 20 yards of it or so i cant wait till i can go and watch someone run this thing... Wel joe hope everything works out with your window and X Fer case..until next time good wheeling with you and cant wait to go agian....Zach..
ill get the pics up tonight or tomorrow on my web site

Click on the link for Pics. Most of the pics are of Zach but there are a few pics of me when I was stuck in the mud, and a few of the broken window.

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If anyone from this site runs Independence Trail with their explorer will be the My new Idol. That trail is seriously hardcore never seen a trail like that. Doesn't even look like a trail really. I think Rick should come out here and give it a shot.

Originally posted by Joe93

If anyone from this site runs Independence Trail with their explorer will be the My new Idol. That trail is seriously hardcore never seen a trail like that. Doesn't even look like a trail really. I think Rick should come out here and give it a shot.

So who is your idol now???

We ran it twice this summer in our Explorer. I think it is rated one of the hardest trails in Colorado. I know on the Colorado board they are always talking about doing that trail if you want to do something hard.

I would have thought there would be more snow down there. I thought the south was getting more snow then we have been.
By the way Joe I was kidding, we haven't ran that trail. I might be crazy, but I'm not stupid!!

My friends ran Independence in 2 Scouts and a Toyota. They had lockers and 32's in the scouts and the toy had welded rear and 35s. I think it would be possible in an Explorer, especially perry's. I have never seen it though. My friends all got major body damage too from it, so I don't really want my truck on it.

the rest of pics should be here tonight there still at the in laws house i just gotta go and get the discs..Zach

I would be VERY surprised if an Ex could survive Indy, even Ricks rig (sorry, Rick). I've been down there with a bunch of guys from Preditor Offroad in their rock-rails. We're talking tube frames, locked front and rear, 35"+. (Of course they WERE all jeep based, so...) In 1/4 mile I saw two rollovers, five winches, and five broken axles. Body damage wasn't even spoken of, it was expected.

I'm not saying that that's the norm, these guys don't wheel very smart from what I saw, but that is how tough the trails are. I hope to get some pics up on my website eventually.

So, if anybody wants to go down there, I'll take the carnage pics. :)

Well it is my new goal in life is to run that in my explorer. Heavy mods need to be done but I will run Independence in the explorer. It will probibaly be the death of the explorer but I will run it or atleast die trying.

Hey Darkman How ya been? Haven't seen you around town lately.

Yeh, the guys at predator are pretty hard core. I have seen them at hackett twice doing matnence. I would Dog them, but theyre probably the reason alot of the area trails stay open! My Explorer will probably never conquer Independence cause I need it daily, but I can almost wheel with the two scouts, so when I get a daily driver and don't care about my rig anymore Ill consider it! My best friend is building a ranger though that we would like to atleast make an attempt.

Predator is my favorite shop in the Springs nice people and they seem to care about their customers. One of the techs came to my house after he got off work to help with a problem I was having with the BL. I like the smaller local owned 4x4 shops then the big national shops. They tend to care about the customers a little more.

Hey Kirby are you in the Colorado Springs?

I grew up in the springs. I just moved to Texas last fall for College. My family and friends are still there. I want to come home soon and go wheeling though. I like predator, but thier prices are High I thought. The only time I bought anything was when they moved and had a huge sale. cool people though. I know some guys who ride with them alot.
Do you like FnJeep? I was there once and he had some crappy used tires. Gave me a sticker for my old Blazer though.

The last few things I bought from them they priced matched with 4wheelparts here in the springs. Predators new shop is verry nice and big. I went to FNJeep to buy a bumper for my old XJ and the guys there were pretty snotty. From what I have heard if your not looking to spend alot of money there they don't really care about you. They have lots of Jeep parts but thats it. I have no need to go there anymore. I'm sure if they saw the explorer they would just laugh at me and tell me what a waste of money.

Yeah the owner though my blazer was a pos, of course he was right though. My brother is looking for an after market Cherokee front bumper, was the one you bought used or was it fabbed by them? was it reasonable?
Joe-- My brother saw your Explorer in town a few months ago and told me I should see if you were on this sight and see if you wanted to go wheeling. I think I emailed you but I never heard from you. Do you want to do Hacket in June or July?

The bumper I bought was a stock 90 XJ front bumper. Nothing special just chrome. I paid like 150 for it. How much is he willing to spend on a bumper? Is he looking for something wild or just pretty basic? What does he drive? I don't remember getting an email from ya but hell I'll give Hacket a shot. Just le me know in advance when you are going.

Well I got the window replaced today. Man I'm glad my insurance payed for it or else I would be out $ 914.42.
It was funny trying to explain to them how it broke. They didn't believe the story of playing in the mud. Well hell what do I know I was the one driving the damn thing when it broke.

He's got a lifted Cherokee. He sent me an email and he just ordered a tomkin. I think he spent was willing to spend like 200, so i assume he bought it for that. He bought it cheep at an auction. Someone stuck a pole between the frame rail and left front tire smashing the front and breaking the tie rod. It was supposed to be totalled, but he put about 1,000 in it and came out with a great deal.... except it's a Jeep! I'll let you know when we get closer to the date. My father in law broke his window when he left it open and drove out of the garage. He paid for it, but it wasn't that much. I think I would find a used one, unless my insurance paid for it!