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What a game


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September 1, 2003
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the Patriots are amazing!!!

Not sure if this years Superbowl or the last 2 they won was the better of the 3,
Talk about being on edge for a game...WOW

and also i think the commercials were ok. Pepsi commercials were good and the new mustang was really good.

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I thought the Pats were pretty close to losing in the first half. The palyed like the pats in the second half. Congrats Pats and to all Eagle fans well Terrell Owens played.

I thought the commercials sucked, and Paul McCartney rehashing 40 year old Beatles songs, what were they thinking (or smoking)?

Super Bowls are getting worse. In the past, commercials kept everyone's attention, atleast until the game came back on. This year there wasn't really one commercial that stood out, maybe the Budweiser donkey. Let's see, you had the dude frozen in the Mustang about 4 times, the Blockbuster rental about 3-4 times and the diet Pepsi truck atleast twice, all the 5 sec Cadillac bits, and the local ads.

Yeah, my wife told me about that one, I missed it will grabbing a beer.

yeah the commercials were pretty bad, only a few good ones like the cat in the sauce and the pig going to be a budweiser clydesdale.

it was a good game, but who wants to see the same team win almost every year??

I personaly liked the Ford Trucks one, with the bikers. Though most of the commercials were pretty boring.

but it was one hell of game.
the patriots 3 out of the last 4 years wow...
I never have just watched the game for the commercials pretty lame to sit there thru something you can not stand watching to watch commercials that you will see all the time on tv from now on.
My sister does that adn i think she is nuts..

dman726749 said:
i am tellin ya...the cat and spagetti sauce was the best commercial

I laughed my A$$ off.

i like football.. i dint even watch it.. i slept through the whole thing......

The game was great!

I'm glad Terrell had a big game. I wouldn't want to listen to all the griping/complaining/moaning from Philadelphia fans that "If Terrell would have been healthy, we'd have done xxxxx." Whatever people. That was a slugfest. Pure football.

McNabb played his usual mistake filled game. It's amazing they keep getting as far as they do when that guy throws ducks a ton, and is off-target all the time. His receivers really are underappreciated since they have to go up and grab or reach behind themselves a ton.

The commercials weren't great. The cat comemrcial was good. The Diet Pepsi commerical was good, if only because it showed CArson Daly being a "follower". The Mustang commerical was pretty good too.

All of them are on www.big-boys.com.


the half a 30 of mgd i consumed eased the pain. anyone see that amazing play pinkston jumped up into the air and came down with? i agree mcnabb sucks @ss.

That was a great catch by Pinkston. He made the game interesting again. Branch had one that he grabbed (somehow) in the middle of the field while blanketed. Some great grabs by those two. I can't believe McNabb had 397 yards! Holy $hit! Imagine how many more yards he would have had if the three INTs would have been to an Eagles player! And why didn't the Eagles act with any urgency when there was 5:08 to go, and the Eagles were at their own 35 down 10 points. You run a hurry up offense! They were out of shape or something. Most of the time, a defense has to take a timeout to stop play and catch their breath in the waning minutes. Never seen an offense lose their breath.... after only gaining 15 yards in 3 plays!

Why did Westbrook catch that ball with 38 seconds left at the line of scrimmage inside the Eagles 5 yard line? Mental mistakes abounded. That's what makes the Pats so good: all their players are above average (no real dominant stat superstars) and all the players play smart. Every down.


i thought the best commercial was the cadillac one, 0-60 in vooooooooooooooooooooom, that fast! haha those cars are so nice

95offroadx said:
i thought the best commercial was the cadillac one, 0-60 in vooooooooooooooooooooom, that fast! haha those cars are so nice

ALL of those Cadillacs looked F'n awesome.

I liked the one with the daughter and boyfriend running away to get married, only to be stopped by the father who wanted his Cadillac back. :)

I have to admit that the main reason I watch the superbowl is for the commercials. I fell asleep halfway through the 2nd quarter. . doesn't sound like I missed much :o