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what are these hoses, are their aftermarket providers?

May 12, 2012
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2000 explorer xlt, a/c 5.0 litre. what are these hoses and cylinder parts called, and can they be serviced by anyone other than Ford?
the loing hose starts at the intake manifold and connects to a valve under LF wheelhouse, The same valve has a second hose which connects to a metal tube in front of the motor near the front right near the oil filter. The canister has a broken line. I think the other end of the broken line goes up to the system vacuum connections at the intake. There is also a hose coming off the oil filler tube, its other end has a broken 90 elbow plastic connector that pipes into the air inlet. What is this part and where can i get a good deal on it? I need the hose and the connector. Can someone show me with a picture where the PCV valve is located?




Vacuum canister. Use hoses rated for fuel and oil, and you’ll be fine.