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What are your thoughts on this


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December 18, 2000
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White Bear Lake, MN
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94 XLT
For a ram air.

Buy the Attachments(I dont know what they are called) that you buy and have to mold onto your hood that makes your hood a ram air hood. They kinda look like nostrils. Anyways, instead of putting them on your hood Put one on the passanger sided fender(if you dont mind cutting a hole in your fender) That way that is fresh air and since most of the air filters are on the passanger side it would have a very short distance straight to the air box of course you would probably wanna run some drier tube from the cut out on the fender, directing at your air filter. Also you would probably wanna put the same thing on the drivers side so your truck wouldnt look lop sided.

What do you guys think Would that look goofy or even work?

Added thought.... you could make it to where you could ad and detach a snorkle kit to it....say when you are drive around town you take it off and it acts as a ram air. and when you go on the trail hook up the rest (how ever you make it) and you have a snorkle kit

let me know