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What body lift kit fits an 01 explorer sport (2dr)(4wd)

Colby Brown

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March 2, 2009
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2001 sport(2dr)
Im 17 so i have only had my explorer for a year now and im looking to lift it and put other mods on it as well such as a brush guard. I want a 3 inch body lift from performance accessories but i dont know which one works on the sport. Does the sport trac fit the sport? or the ranger?? i was guessing the sport track but please help!! thanks!

buy the BL for a 01 sport trac. thats what i used. everything worked perfect for me but i read that a few people had trouble with the rear bumper brackets.

alright thanks man i dont need alot of trouble with it because im 17 and its already hard enough to find someone to help me put it on

Heres the pic you wanted and yes its the 3 inch BL.