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What brakepads for my silverado?


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January 14, 2001
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It is time to put new brake pads front and rear on my Chevy. Trying to decide what brand to go with. The lousy factory ones only lasted 179,000 miles so I would like some that would actualy last this time. :D

Actually I am not so much worried about how long they last I want some that stop good. The truck sees alot of time with a full bed and even a good chunk with a trailer behind it.

Looking at RockAuto and they have a ton of different types available. About half the price of autozone to boot.

04 silverado 1500 4x4 z71 extracab 2 wheel steer with 4 wheel disks.

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...Here are some more options and Hawk's might be worth a try...

...I'm not sure if it still holds true on your year but, I know the 00 Silverado's rear brakes were only a parking brake..:dunno:

...On my F250's I want to say I ran "Brute Stops" as they were always hauling loads and I was very happy with them...There was one upgrade from that and they ate rotors..:thumbdwn:

u got pics of ur silverado

Its white with a lumber rack and tool boxes. Pretty much looks like half the other contractors trucks in Socal.

Stay away from any ceramic brake pads. They work great for passenger cars and trucks that don't see heavy loads, but if you load your truck and or tow alot I would not recomend running them. The I've found with them is that they do infact handle heat better than normal "organic" brake material, untill you over heat them once. Then they become rock hard, you loose brakeing ability and they become noisy. From my experience, any pads that increase brakeing performance will have reduced pad life. Its a trade off.

Ended up ordering Rebestos Semi Metallic professional grade pads for the front and rear. $100 shipped from Rockauto. Should be here Thursday Hopefully I have time to install them Thursday night and give them a test towing on Friday. Autozone and Kragen were $125 and up for the cheapest set they had.

Yeah I remember the game about lifetime pads. Great but they are so hard they squeel, dont stop well, and end up warping rotors. I just dont want to be like dannyboy changing pads everyfew hundred miles on his explorer.

This truck has been a great truck. One set of tires, a battery, a set of plugs and wires, oil changes, air filters and fluid changes is all I have had to do to it. Still on the factory allignment.