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What can I expect about my torn up new chevy


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July 16, 2009
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97 XLT
I just bought a Chevy spark a few days ago. Noticed some paint damage to the front bumper when I got home. Dealer is gonna fix it tomorrow. However I clipped a dear the next day (thought I could just drive right over it) the sales manager said no big deal. Well I just went pitside to clean it... And I noticed more damage to the front bumper. A dent/cuts under the passenger door, and the rim is trashed. There is some deer hair stuck to low points but I don't think I hit it hard enough to get flesh. Sure didn't feel like it.
So my question is, what should I expect them to do? I highly doubt the damage is from the deer. But I haven't hit anything else.
I'm guessing the bumper and rim will need to be replaced. How likely is that gonna happen on a $12k car with almost 200 miles on it now