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What can leak on transmission?


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October 29, 2012
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Colorado Springs, CO
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2005 Lincoln Aviator
Got the tranny out of my Aviator. That's 10 hours of my life that are gone! Symptoms it had: Noisy torque converter, converter not locking up code, leaking fluid. I verified that the rebuilder did indeed rebuild it. It has new bronze servo bore sleeves, so I will assume he replaced the rest of the internals. I can't see any obvious signs of leaking, but I had a pretty good amount of fluid sprayed all under the truck. Torque converter seal would be the obvious root cause, but the inside of the bell housing looked clean. I made quite a mess getting it out because the over flow tube dripped, so I can't say for sure what areas were wet before I removed it.

Inside of the Tcase flange had a small amount of dirty fluid in it, so I should replace those seals, but I was seeing clean ATF fluid leaking, so I don't think the tcase was the main leak.

From what I can see there are really only a couple places that can leak ATF: Torque converter sleeve, pan, rear seal, speed sensors, servo bore caps.

Seems like tranny leaks are hard to track down, just like a roof leak. The stuff runs everywhere, especially with the air turbulence underneath.