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What color Explorer is this? PICS

Carbon Blue

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December 15, 2007
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1997 Ford Explorer Spot
Tan interior

Hey guys, Im about to repaint the hood on my dads explorer and couldnt find the paint code. I have a few questions for you guys

What is the name of this green?
evergreen frost metallic, deep jewel green? I googled both greens and the result gave me 3 different shades.

What is the paint code?
I looked in both door jambs and cant find anything

I plan on sanding down to the bare metal, priming, painting then clearcoating what grit do you guys recommend that I start and finish off with? I know how to wet sand etc, but paint stripping wise what would be good?



Willow Green Metallic. Its my favorite Explorer color. I believe it was 98 when they switched to a more evergreen green color.

gotcha, thanks alot! I just searched willow green metallic and it looks like its official name is "Medium willow metallic/ CC" paint code SH. Thanks

Yes that sounds right! My interior is "willow" green as well. Nice truck by the way. Of course I am pretty partial to Green Explorer Sports....