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What cups fit? remodel, fix, custom order?


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..This will probably turn into an ongoing search as cups keep changing too but..

..Since swapping to the newer 2nd gen two cup holder from the original center console single cup holder of a first gen X, I've yet to find a large cold drink cup (soda cup) that will fit into these holes..:banghead:

..It's bad enough when around town with cups and bottles falling over but you can't even use them off road..:(

..Somebody has got to be running around with a cup in their cup holder that holds 44 oz. or more and actually fits..

For the purpose of this thread, any cup or bottle that actually fits proper in the cup holder will do..:biggthump

..If you know of a cup that fits or have pictures, please share them with us as my search for a cup that fits this is driving me goofy..:confused:..:p:

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I don't have any problems? Except normal water bottles. To small they just end up on the floor. But who cares, got a lid for a reason

..Yea...I was kinda hoping they designed the "Cup Holder" to hold cups..:D

..It would be nice to find a cup and water bottles that actually can be held in these things..I noticed recently that water bottles like the cups, are either to small or to big for the cup holders.:banghead:

..This would also help keep me from having multiple, partially full water bottles, from collecting and rolling around taking up valuable floor space for my other important stuff to roll around..:p:

You could get one of those cheapo cup holders at advance. Paid like .10 cents for mine, it was on close out and it holds everything well. Bottles to the super dooper pee your self and keep drinking cups. It does take up a seat but who uses the middle seat in the ranger? ... Well :D it gets tossed behind the seat then

Wait till the water bottle falls out on to the floor on the driver side while your going down one of the hills at truckhaven :eek:

..Haha..Rick and I were playing the water bottle shuffle in the Pumpkin..:D

..He had the small water bottles and I had a large so neither of those woul either fit or stay in the cup holders..

My Ranger does not have a cup holder so I've always used the fold down armrest opened up as a cup holder..:confused:

..I'm looking at getting new seats for the Ranger like I have in my X and also installing a second gen console between the seats..

..The single cab doesn't have much room for stuff to roll around and having drinks flop over on 3 sticks or under the pedals could be a real problem in a hurry..:eek:

..Who in the heck would design a cup holder with two different sizes that no one makes a common cup that fits?..:banghead:

I have no problems with Booster Juice or 7 Eleven cups?

Water bottles fly around though. Accident waiting to happen..

Can Cozy !

Make the bottle fit the hole.!. .JeeeeeeWiiiiizizzzzzzz!!!! !!! :scratch:


Your talking about the cup holders like this right?

If so, the top one a medium drink from any fast food place will fit, and the large with the formed bottom, I think fits in the lower. but water bottles and soda cans are all to small.:(


Maybe you could get the sleeves from the Ranger 5-speed cup holders and turn them up side down to use. I use to do this in my Ranger, as you could use soda cans and water bottles in it then, with out them flipping over.

..My bad..The first gen cup holder that went from one large cup to two multi size cups side by side..It seems the second gen has the same issue so it's all good.:D

..I used to be able to fit the Double Gulp cups in mine and right after I installed it, they changed the design of the dbl gulp cups and then they no longer fit right..:(

I have a spare if you want to try a 2nd gen one since they pop on and off.

I have a spare if you want to try a 2nd gen one since they pop on and off.

Yes..Definitely would like to try it. Can you bring it out to KOH?

What about modifying the hole to fit something like this in there? It seems this would allow for cups and water bottles to fit.


..I use those quite often in various projects and there are various sizes of those too. :biggthump

..My first thought is to seek out who currently has large like double gulp size cups (from Chevron to 7-11) to fir in the holes. This would resolve the issue in my X and would work for the Ranger future mod.

..If not, it will turn into a custom box for the Ranger and still suck for the X..:(

Yeah I'll bring it.

My random 2¢...

My g/f's Nissan Xterra some cupholder inserts. Leave them in for smaller containers, take them out for larger ones...


My g/f's 05 Honda Accord coupe had "fingers" that retracted with the use of larger containers...


Images are representative of the actual items, and should not be taken as the actual items, and should not be taken as actual cleanliness of above mentioned vehicles.

Have the same style as Stic-o and haven't had any problems with large cups from fast food places or the big 52 oz cups from chevron, they could be different designs in different regions though. However I cant use anything bigger than pop can in the front one or my shifter hits it.

Just for future reference I believe he is talking about this type of dual cup holder



And Stic-o is showing one of these


I bought one of those floor consoles with the adjustable cup holders and a storage bin that sell for $10-14 at any discount or auto parts store. I have the smaller model in my '94 Ex, and a modified larger one for my '02 Sport Trac. In the ST, I cut the storage bin so that it fits around the small storage tray under the dash and screwed the cup holder console to the stock storage tray to keep it in place.

..Any pictures?..:popcorn:

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[/attach][/attach][/attach] The darker one with the cup is in my Sport Trac. It had a large bin on it that I cut off so it fits the way I wanted. That's a 32 oz cup. The dirty gray one is in my '94 Explorer. Same thing, but smaller.


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