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What did I see?


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November 14, 2000
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'97 XLT & '06 Limited
I was sitting at a stop light today and as usual was checking out any other Explorers stopped their also. Right next to me I noticed a 95-95 model XLT. (Judging by the fact that it had XLT on the lift gate and brake lights just like mine.)
The thing I'm wondering about is the fact that it had colored side molding and fender flares! From the side molding on the bottom of the door down was tan colored, textured plastic. The fender flares where also tan and the rear ones went all the way back to the bumper like they do on EB's. The bumper did not have the plastic on the center of it like the EB's do though.
It looked like the new sport package option that has the fender flares and all, but it was not a new Explorer. That option was not available in 95-97 to my knowledge. I have also tried to order factory fender flares and they said they only came on the Eddie Bauer model.
What was it? I must know because now I want the same thing. :)

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a thought

Would the optional fender flares from a '00 fit on a '95? Maybe that's it?

i believe i have an explorer with the flares you are talking about . it was desighned to be an eb look alike. my truck is called an exiter. my local dealership put tan fender flares on the truck to make it have to look of an eb and advertised it as an eb at a fraction of the cost. i will scan a pic and post it.

i just broke my scanner so i cant post any pix .... sorry

Just great! Now that see something-want it-buy it even though I'm broke disease you guys gave me is kicking in! :) I wonder how much it'll cost and how long I'll have to save up for it...

i belive for the whole package which included some plastic wood trim on the dash and a ford symbol which glows on the grill when the light turns on and the flares and a few other things i cant think of right now was a total of around $1400

f-f-f-FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! Just great... :< That won't be on the agenda for a LONG time, if ever. I already have a long list of stuff I'm saving for. I'll probably just have to go with the Extend-A-Fenders from Bushwhacker.

well that price was for the whole package. with the wood trim and all of that useless stuff. im sure the flares are probably half that.

You saw an XLT Sport. This is an available option package which includes color-keyed fender flares, bumpers, and the XLT badge on the front panels near the doors (where the V8 logo would be). I believe this option package lists for about $800 or so (but don't quote me). You could probably have a Ford dealer add it on. If this is what you're referring to - I think this became available in the 99 model year.

Oh for Gods sake

I'm gettin rid of my Eddie Bauer look.... it gets tiresome...I like the fenderflares but I want everything black....I'm even taking off my pinstriping and Eddie Bauer stickers (the ones on the side)......... the bumper pads...the grille ...the grille shield...the fender flares everything is going to be black.... I was tired of my truck looking like everyone elses around here.... ooh yeah the running boards are going too..


Originally posted by Stephen
But that package wasnt availiable on the 95-97 model he saw.
EXACTLY!! That is why I'm asking.

I've never heard of this exciter package either.

Oops, you're right - I just re-read the yob's post. The original post says "95-95" at the top, but I thought it said "95-99". But later on down yob said 95-97.

So, I guess I don't know what you saw :)


My goof at the top.