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What did you do to your 5th Gen?

Are those considered an All Weather tire? The tread pattern seems to follow the ones I've seen on that type of tire.


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I mentioned All Weather. They are different than All Season. All Weather are also designed/constructed to be used in Winter unlike All Season tires. They also have the Mountain/Snowflake symbol on them. It's an interesting tire none the less with good reviews.

You learn something new everyday. Thanks Peter!

Just got a wash nothing really new just the new CA digital plate

Getting some new Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 295/45ZR20 shoes for my girl right now at Car-One Tire & Auto.

Bye bye Parada SpecX Tires. They were great tires on dry conditions and performed excellent through 2 blizzards, but I wasn’t feeling safe in the rain. Almost felt like I was hydro-plaining at times above 60 mph.

I’ve had GoodYears on my Tahoe LT that performed excellent on wet conditions before and these Continental tires are rated even better than those.

I’m going to keep the Parada SpecX just in case though or use them as “summer tires”.

View attachment 161453

View attachment 161454

After the install...

Looks great! But the clear plastic blinker on side mirrors stands out. I got mine tinted and it just gives it the blended look.

Was removing the adhesive on the headlight rebuild I'm working on, and tried using the following:


As goo-gone is not possible to get hold of in Switzerland. It completely destroyed the plastic, eating it up and leaving white marks wherever the remover had been.


So I'm down $300 in one little spray. Please no one else use this for anything headlight related. So frustrated! If someone has any good ideas on how to remove headlight adhesive in a less corrosive way, I'm all ears.

On top of that the headlight brackets I designed were a pretty good fit, but I forgot a whole measurement of the actual location of the projector, which ended up being off by a whole inch! So now I need to design and print another. Ouch.

Edit. Bracket before and after dremel modifications (left and right). New one needs center to be lowered by an inch (toward the left in the picture)


For those of you who don't know, I'm in sales and I travel a lot for a living and my XPL is my livelihood and office. I also get to meet some great fellow XPL lovers on the way and met a gentleman by the name of Cedric Dean up in MN who owns a Sport.

Long story short, I had some business in the twin cities and took time out of my evening to meet up with Cedric who also hobbies as a photographer. We had a short window and took some shots of my ride and one came out beautifully. Next time, we're going to plan an afternoon and do an entire photo shoot of both of our rides.


Finished headlight bracket design #2:


Which I had 3D printed with a PC/ABS mix:


And from every measurement I've done and test fit of both bracket on the LED projector + inside the housing, looks like I hit the jackpot.


Still a long way to go, but it's nice to have progress!

To follow up with my last post. I finished the bracket for the other side, which was a little harder than just flipping the design over as the center hole that holds the LED light stays the same on both sides (as the light itself is not mirrored)

A test fit shows it's spot on as well, phew.




As promised, I've uploaded the final files for anyone to use, for free of course. They can be found here.

I suggest anyone following my footsteps to get them printed by a professional (unless of course, you have a 3D printer at home), and get them printed in ABS plastic or ABS/PC as that's the "general car plastic" that car makers use. Also don't select to have them "hollowed" as they need to be sturdy. I used this place to print mine (You select print process "FDM", then "ABS/PC" as material, and finish/sealing should be "Standard" (or whatever you want of course)), but if you can find a cheaper way to print them then definitely do it.

My next post in this genre should hopefully be installing the halos and sequential LED turn signals :)

It rained like cats and dogs today but that didn't stop Lighthouse Mobile Detailing from doing a paint correction on my ride.
The video and photos don’t do their work justice. It looks so much better up close and this was only their 1 Step Process!

80% of the surface scratches gone but now I can see all the rock chip damage and door rings and being OCD about that is driving me nuts!

The bumper doesn’t look perfect but it looks really good. They told me that I’d need a more in-depth 2 step process to remove the all the bug damage. They were able to get rid of 70% of it though.

All in all, a bit of an investment but I’m happy with it.

Lighthouse Mobile Detailing
236 S LaLonde Avenue UNIT C & D
Addison, IL 60101

Patrick Mahoney, Owner
(630) 819-9362 mobile


Just a little bit of detailing today and got my tints ready to do the taillights, fog lamps, and emblems. Also, wrapping the center of the hood matte black tomorrow.

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