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What did you do to your 5th Gen?

Replaced 2nd row bench with a pair of buckets in my Platinum. Great improvement for my kids. :)

Would love to "hear" how you did this, but I'll have to hide it from my wife as I said it couldn't be done, therefore I needed to trade my in for a sport. :)

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I won’t tell your wife that it’s only 4 nuts and 4 bolts total that need to be removed to take out the bench and right seat and then reinstalled with the replacement pair of bucket seats. Took about 15 minutes to do the swap and drink a cup of coffee.

The challenge was finding seats from a wrecked Platinum that were the right color. Took me a year of searching car-part.com to find them and totally worth it. ;-)

Really? What about seatbelt placement and sliding rail? Wow I’m glad I didn’t talk to you first. Haha

Sliding feature is part of the seat and mounting brackets are the same for the rear bench or bucket set up so it’s a “plug and play” process to switch from one to another.

With the seatbelts you just need to make sure the seats are for “inflatable” or “non-inflatable” seatbelts based on your Explorer’s equipment.

Enjoy your Sport!

Just go my car back from the dealer. They did the recall repairs (exhaust fumes and rear suspension toe link) and while it was in the shop I had them switch my lights to No DRL and dark mode (when stopping and egressing). Very happy. When they did the rear suspension link apparently it included an alignment thrown in. All good.

Had to change my front Ford logo today. The last one didn't last long.



Where did you get your front logo? Never seem to find a good looking one!

Amazon. It was from carstore. But I just looked and it says no longer available. Weird...that happened to the last emblem I bought too.

I did a quick 0-60 test (first one I've actually timed since I bought it 6 years ago).
I don't have a pic/screenshot, but it was 6.6s.
87 octane, -10F out and no optimization (just 1 test).
Sand mode, slight powerbrake and off I went.

All I see in the post above are 4 grey circles with a white horizontal bar in the middle.
That link works Jamie.


I finally put on my ExplorerForum decal made by Mbrooks420, proudly wearing my membership.

I haven't posted in a while.. Added some black emblems, added some LED's to the front grill. Couldn't find a custom grill for my year so I had to drill it out myself. Super happy with the results though.

Also, lift has held up really nice in the last three years. Had to replace my rear shocks but the OEM ones are not that great as it is..

2016 Limited update

Just for those who are interested:

I have installed Magnaflow catback (part# 19274), K&N intake (part# 77-2575KS), and a Livernois 91 octane high performance tune. This has changed my whole outlook on the performance of the 3.5 NA AWD grocery go getting tank! If you're looking for subtle gains in performance, as well as fuel economy, this is one way to go. She sounds like a beast at WOT in tunnels and under bridges! Now just to figure out if I will lower with springs or bags. Hope these part numbers and information are beneficial to someone. Thanks!

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Installed a magnaflow exhaust on my 2.3 ecoboost.





Good looking exhaust. How do you like it? They did a good job on those tips.