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What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

Replaced a leaf spring retainer pad today with a junkyard pad. What an ordeal. Didn't jack up the Explorer. Didn't remove the tire. Crawl underneath with large screwdriver, Snap-On panel popper, and dead-blow hammer. Go fetch other tools. Back underneath. Go fetch other tools. Back underneath. Go fetch other tools. On and on. Reused my original retainer. Had a junkyard backup just in case I broke the tab off my original.

Ended up using the above mentioned tools, plus channellocks, large channellocks, pliers, hammer, punch, large C-clamp, and lots of cuss words :rant:

Also replaced my junk replacement battery terminals with some solid brass Deka terminals. Hopefully these will help with my "click and instantly dead" problem that has been showing up again, and the corrosion buildup. The click-dead problem was easily solved by pulling up the positive cable and wiggling it though. The wires in the junk clamp had connection issues from buildup and the bolts coming loose.

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Salvage yards. Always an adventure! I know your pain toypaseo.

I did this today. Front TTB diff removal for a re-gear.

Front tear down diff removal.jpg

Looks like a crime scene in the garage.

On Friday, I received a piece of film from NuShield that I applied to the face of my aftermarket head unit. It's supposed to make the radio's display visible in direct sunlight. As it stands now, these aftermarket displays seem to wash out when the sun is shining on them. I haven't had an opportunity to see it in action since putting it on though as we've had nothing but miserable rainy weather since earlier this week. I think it's supposed to clear up tomorrow so maybe I'll get to check it out then.

I also picked up a jug of oil and a filter on Friday to get ready to change it's oil. It's actually a bit past due now but again, the weather hasn't been very cooperative. Hoping to knock it out this week after work one day.

I'm still waiting to get my one rear door speaker working again as well. I'm gonna need to splice up some new ends for it.

Oh...and I gotta tackle the vent door mode issue. The arm of that broke so I'm gonna rig something up to get it working again. I've only got air coming out the vents and dash no matter which position. The actuator is working fine.

I installed a new resistor for the blower motor today. The old one was badly rusted, and only worked on positions 1 and 4. Now all 4 switch positions blow as they should.

Replaced the front brake pads on my 96 EB last night.
Upper intake gaskets and new plugs coming soon also.

Replaced front sway bar links and bushings, replaced a reverse sensor that malfunctioned, swapped out my explorer gauge cluster for mountaineer cluster, coolant drain/refill, power steering drain/refill. Replaced front calipers and finished up some wiring integegrating my stock radio hidden behind my tablet and wired to a alpine ktp-445 to retain radio and steering wheel controls. Tomorrow will be a full day of junkyard scavaging

Prepped and sanded my Barney purple gen2 Limited grill...

Oh how I love to prep for paint







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Did an oil/filter change this morning.
Replaced the front sway bar bushings. The ones that were on it were destroyed.
Replaced with a pair of blue Moog replacements.

replaced the rear diff gasket. Messy, smelly job....

So I retired Ol' Blue my 99 Mounty a couple of weeks ago. Traded up to a 08 Mounty. 117k but is in good shape, Changed the oil & filter and replaced some switches (Headlight and Message panel) Driver's side running board is seized open passengers still operates. (Think I may just drop them and install some Westin 3" bars in the future) Gonna have to do the brakes and pads in the spring. Main issue right now is CEL came on and threw a P0420 code, bringing it to back to the dealer to have him unf*&k that next week. Even weirder this morning the light didn't come on.

Got tired of my multicolored and faded bumpers, so, made merry with the paint.


Got a P0430 code on mine today. :(

Dropped mine off for new ball joints & an alignment, and a new water pump and thermostat.
... Then crapped myself when they called with the quote.

Replaced both of my interior rear door handles. Now you can open my back doors from the inside too!

Gave it a much needed wash then polished the headlight lenses (Big improvement). Then figured as long as I'm upgrading lights, might as well install the pair of lights that Gman so graciously donated to the cause. I had to polish them up with steel wool (A little surface rust) but once installed they are a definite improvement over the aux lights I had previously. I can see again!

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Got a new set of tires installed today. Finally have all 4 tires matching!