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What did you do to your Ex/Mounty/RBV today?

Did a front brake job using NAPA Ultra Premium Polymer Coated rotors, and NAPA Adaptive one ceramic brake pads.

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Still had brake squeal like a wear indicator was rubbing, so I cleaned and greased the slider pins with Syl-Glide. Lubed the ends of the brake pads where they sit in the caliper bracket. Reassembled everything. Still had squealing. My buddy at NAPA suggested the hub bearing unit might be going bad, so I bought one for the driver side, and planned a late night install. Was driving around listening to the squeal, so just to double check where it was coming from, undid my seat belt, opened the door and leaned out. Well great. Now it sounds like the rears. So shut the door, pulled the parking brake release while pushing the parking brake pedal down, and noise goes away. I was planning on an out of town trip, so I just took it to my local mechanic. I also didn't want to deal with any emergency brake issues.

I cleaned up my dash cam install, as I was tired of the DVR unit flopping about in the center console.


I cleaned up my dash cam install, as I was tired of the DVR unit flopping about in the center console.

What kind of dvr dash cam system are you running?

What kind of dvr dash cam system are you running?

It's a K1S (Amazon link). It's a 2 camera system that records to an SD card stuck up the arse of the above pictured remote mount DVR unit. Records @ 30fps in Glorious 1080p.

I quite like it. It's set up to automatically start recording when you start the truck, and automatically stop when you turn the engine off. When it starts up, the display turns on for 1 minute, just so you know it's recording, then turns off (you can adjust the time-out).

My front-facing camera is behind the center mirror:

The rear camera is on the rear hatch, just inside the rear window:

The wires for both cameras run from the center console, behind the dash, and up the A-pillar. The front camera wire runs inside the roof structure that runs along the top of the windshield. The rear cam wire (which is Quite Long) runs to the rear within the roof structure along the drivers side, then goes through the rubber snorkus that contains the factory harness for the central locking & rear wiper. I notched the plastic trim above the rear glass to allow the wire to exit.

The unit's power wire is spliced into the ignition-switched lead for the stereo. This is how the unit knows when to start & stop recording. It's got an internal battery so it can gracefully stop recording and close out the video files when it looses power.

Do let me know if you've got any other questions.

Thanks for the info. I wish dual camera systems weren't so expensive. I'm currently running Daily Roads Voyager on my Samsung Note 5 on a magnetic mount up on the windshield next to the rear view mirror

Swapped center caps to a different style. What I had on originally is on the front, the ones I swapped to is the one on the rear.


I ran the Pumpkin through emissions today.

HC in grams per mile .44. Allowed up to 2.0
CO in gram per mile 8.03. Allowed up to 20.0
NOX in grams per mile 1.98. Allowed up to 4.0

Spent some time at the Badlands for their "Christmas in Attica" parade. Cool event where everyone decorates their rig/UTV/4x4/Offroader and the fire department and police parade everyone through the town and everyone tosses out candy to the kids and residents. Goes to a good cause too, as they ask for monetary or toy donations for kids for Christmas. Overall a great time!

Badlands hasn't uploaded any parade shots yet, so ones prepping my truck will have to do for now. Took home Best Decorated Jeep/SUV/Truck though so that made the day even better!





Oil change and a bath today...


Gonna be making a road trip next week down to central NC, so I figured I'd get the oil change out of the way (had about 4100 miles since the last change) since I'll probably be putting another 800 miles on it by the first of the year. I switched over from the Motorcraft synthetic blend to Mobil 1 high-mileage full synthetic.

Also while it was a rather nice day today (got to 60°F here today...heat wave!) I figured I'd wash all the salt off of it. While we've only had 2 very minor snowfalls here since the beginning of the month, the state DOT likes to go crazy with the pre-treats and salt during these snowfalls. So the XLT was pretty white before cleaning it all off.

That's my Mustang next to it...it hasn't moved in a couple weeks due to the salty roads. It's a 2003 GT.


LOL at M T Keg :chug:

Heh, that always gets a laugh. My dad has the passenger plate version on his car. He was an off-roader and that was his off-roading group. And with his truck having been a Bronco, and mine its baby brother, it only seemed fitting to carry on the tradition, lol

repaired my rear door latch assembly due to a broken locking mechanism - Gunky!


Popped a new battery into the remote fob for my '03. What a difference. With the previous battery I could be standing right at the driver's door, pushing the unlock button, and nothing would happen. Now I can be 20 feet away (probably more) and it will respond on the first press.

It seems a little weird that it sputtered out though. I have a 2003 Mustang as well that I have owned since new and I've never changed the battery in the remote for that. And that was my DD for 11 years, with constant use of the remote. It still works like day one...shows the wear though...LOL...the icons on the buttons are completely worn away.

After 2 days of rain and fog and not being able to work on the project we got some sun and dry weather.

Wound up sucking up multiple bags leaves off the lawn.

Tomorrow if the weather holds I may get to "The Project"

Rotated my tires. Installed an OEM rear tow hook that @Turdle powdercoated for me over seven years ago.

Almost off to work in -11° weather :crazy: Good thing I plugged it in :thumbsup:

Changed the oil and drove it for 6 hours in inclement weather without any worries, except for the other drivers.

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Not today, but yesterday and the day before mine was in the shop getting the cats replaced. It was throwing a P0430 code for the past 6 months and I was finally able to get it fixed. Just in time too since emissions is due soon.

The shop also discovered a stored P0741 code for the torque converter and found the outer tie rods are soon in need of replacement (I had them check out a creaking noise in the front end). Might do the front shocks at the same time...I don't know how old those are, but I haven't replaced them in the 30K miles I've owned it, and the truck has 208K on it now. The rears were done when I bought it so it could pass inspection.