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What did you say?


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February 7, 2010
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'94 Explorer XLT
I have been enjoying researching various things tonight on my favorite forum. Go upstairs from the basement to get me a bourbon on the rocks, and my wife asks what I am doing. "Just visiting my forum", I said. "I hope your looking at getting a **** *** put in", she said. "What did you say", I said. " I hope your looking at getting a lift kit put in", she said. My god man, I think I have been given a green light. I am now taking ideas, nothing to radical, my budget is low. I would like a 2 or 3 inch lift with some 32"s thank you please.

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There are various smaller lift kits, though if your budget is low you may want to buy used from someone who is going bigger, and stick with a spacer/shackle lift for now.

You can usually fit 32's with spacers, though 31's fit on a lot of stock 91-94's without any lift. Gears are usually the limiting factor, if you have 3.73/4.10 gears, 31s-32's aren't a problem. 3.08/3.27 gears are usually better off sticking with the stock 235/75R15's.

I have a lot of studying to do first. And a few more minor vehicle issues to take care of first. I will need tires sometime this year and I would like to lift and get the ones I want when it comes time. 32's would be the biggest I would go. The James Duff kit looks good.

If you look in the link in my sig line, there is a section on lifts. Might be helpful.

I will definitely do some researching on your useful threads. Thanks.

Researching... researching...etc. I am finding out there is more to it than I thought, But I am able to do what I want to do. The internet and this forum makes it possible. I am pretty sure the James Duff kit is what I want to go with and I am gonna go all the way. May take all year, but what the hell. Been checking out wheels on 4wheelparts.com. James Duff has a lift listed under New Products that is a 5 1/2 to 6" lift that I am talking myself into. Trying to understand all that this will involve. Researching backspacing, offset, hubcentric, and anything else that will come my way. Funny how the budget goes out the window when it is play time.

A 5.5-6" lift is a pretty good idea, since you spend all the money on the front end and just do a SOA in the rear. It's usually less expensive than the 2.5-4" lifts since you don't need new leaf springs.

Front Axle

Rear Axle

First time adding pics. My axle ID's. 3.73 limited.

When I went to a 31" tire I noticed a bit of a power loss but nothing significant. It would shift out of OD more often on the highway etc. I have 3.73 as well.

Here is a price list I have come up with so far. All new everything.

http://jamesduff.com/broncoII/4wdsusp.html Stage 2(2.5" lift)- $1330

http://www.4wheelparts.com/Wheels/Series-51-15x8-with-5-on-4-5-Bolt-Pattern-Gloss-black.aspx?... ProComp Wheels(set of 5) $300

http://www.jamesduff.com/newproducts/new_bronco2.asp Stage 3(5-5.5" lift)- $1895

http://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?... Kumho KL71 tires(set of 5) $965

With this setup anywhere from $2500- $3200. This is just my own personal research. This is not necessarily the road I will take.

Some more issues I am trying to figure out, pics I have seen on here, the lifts look unlevel without the SOA. Is this just because the lifts were done using wore out rear leafs? Where I am at right now is going to Pull-A-Part and finding a set of 5 15x8 aluminums $26 apiece. And still researching after that.

I had to buy an aal for my ex. Still have to install it mind you...

It's not the way I wanted to go but it's the way I will start out. Ordered 3" PA body lift last night along with the shifter extension. Should be in by Thursday. It's the cheaper way to go after a living room furniture purchase last week.

I got my body lift and shifter extension in and also ordered a Daystar poly body bushing and got it in. My parts are building up. Taking the first week of April off work to play with all of this. Trying to decide on wheels. I have been researching and researching on the ins and outs of wheels. It can get complicated quickly. Been looking at these:http://http://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-85-5865
Found these:http://http://www.justforwheels.com/index.jsp?ID=70.5&OD=83.82&sub=ringsresults&cat=hubcentric

Depending on who you ask you need or don't need hub centric rings. One site says the bore diameter of factory wheels is 70.3mm another 70.5 and another 70.6. My plan is to buy factory replacement center hubs from LMC or just paint the ones I have as the chrome is peeling off mine. But the wheels are very important here and the debates are numerous. I am going with the black steelies because of cost and the aggressive look they have. I appreciate any input.

Finished installing body lift today. Had to cut one of the rear bushings off. Where can I find body mount hardware. The nut and washer assembly that goes through the bushing. And does anyone know what the body mount bolt torque specs are?

he he he he... pizza....

Love the soft D wheels in black.

Not sure on torque of the body mounts.


DSCN0409 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0410 (800x600) (2).jpg

DSCN0411 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0412 (800x600).jpg


DSCN0601 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0602 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0603 (800x600).jpg

DSCN0604 (800x600).jpg

New wheels and tires Friday. I will post new pictures with the finished product.

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