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what dimensions on a muffler??


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August 29, 2001
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'97 XLT 2WD 4.0 V6 4dr
I am looking at getting a non-delta 40 series flowmaster muffler. I want dual exhaust also. So I need to know what size INLET/OUTLET i need as well as. Single IN/Dual Out or Dual In/Dual Out. I"m not sure what is under my X right now. Also what size tips would be best and where to exit them at.

also, angled or flat tips??

tanks guys

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As far as the muffler goes you want a 2.25" single in, 2.25" dual out. The size and style of tips is more of a personal preference.

i am not sure on this but i heard flowmaster has discontinued the 40 non delta... they are collectors items now...and i dont know if they ever came with dual in or single in dual out......

Or you can get 2 single in/single out mufflers and have a "true" dual exhaust. Thats what I did anyway. I have 3 1/2" slant chrome tips. I have a pic link in my sig with some pics.

its an SOHC
and i'm pretty sure i only have one CAT so wouldn't it have to be single in/dual out??

SOHC is Dual In Single Out when in its stock form

well thanks a bunch guys you helped tremendously
do any of ya'll know where i can find a non-delta 40 series for my X????

You need to try the Dynomax Race Magnum muffler. I have one on my X and I love it. I've also always run Dynomax on my drag cars because they have a higher dyno rating than Flowmasters. Plus the Dynomax Race Magnum is a dual in/single out.

FYI - The more you open your exhaust the more horsepower you will get but you will also lose a little torque.

mstngguy-can you give some more info on that mufffler? price and where to order? thanks

The muffler is a part # 17228 and it runs around $220. I'm not sure where you can order it. I had a friend at McDonald Muffler get mine and put it on.

Isn't torque defiend as horsepower over time?

How can you gain horsepower but lose torque?

I say it's not possible.

You can definetely lose torque but gain horsepower or vice-versa. If you lose too much backpressure on your exhaust you will lose low end torque but gain some horses at the top.