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what do I gotta do to run this setup


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September 20, 2011
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2003 sports trac
Okay I have 3in. Body lift plan in on 2.25 torsion keys and an add a leaf in the rear. I have asked a million times and came up with a need no more thay a rim eith 4.25 backspacing to run 12.50 tires but I have thought and found a rim/ tire combo im during to have only thing is the rim is 4.75 backspacing. The rims are 18x12 and plan to run 33x12.50x18 like I said the rims has a backspacing of 4.75 and offset of -44 so what am I gonna have to do to ve able to run this setup

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At least .5" spacers.

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Okay so if I run the 3in body lift2.25 torsion keys add a leaf and .5" spacers all around the would fit?? And I know there are 2 differant types of spacers one is better then the other who h one is the best type to get? And will a .5" spacers would that let me clear at full turn?

You won't find hub centric spacers (the kind you want) in .5". They aren't thick enough to cover the wheel studs. You would still have rubbing on the sway bar and possibly frame.

You can easily find 1"-1.5" hub centric spacers and they'll decrease chances of rubbing on the sway bar/frame but increase chances of rubbing on the fenders and/or wheel well. 1" spacers risk not covering the studs either. I wouldn't recommend cutting your wheel studs. Pretty much leaves you with 1.5" spacers.

Essentially, you should plan on finding some rubbing with a 12.5" wide tire regardless. Are you comfortable trimming to make them fit?

My personal recommendation: find wheels that don't require spacers on the front. I don't see an issue with running them in the rear, though, and have been myself for four years.

Also, it's been debated ad naseum but you may find you can save money without lift keys. You can search for those discussions if you haven't already and decide for yourself.

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I just read some where they aren't as bad for your front end that's why I am wantin to get them and so what exact wheel spacers do I need? And how often am I going to gave to check the lug nits to make sure my rim/tire don't come off??? And another small question. I have read for a 2wd you don't want to go anymore then 2 3/4in. On the torsion bars. So if I put theu 2.25 torsion keys on and then turn the actual torsion bolts up .75" is that going to be the same as just turn in up my torsion bolts 3" or will it not ve as hard on my front end with using 2.25 torsion keys. And I don't mind trimming the plastic to make sure they fot just as long as its not a crap lot I have to trim I have already trimmed some. So if I can go smaller spacers with just a hair more trimming that's fine

Don't buy the new keys like Offtrac mentioned. They aren't any better for your suspension than the stock bolts. Only worse for your wallet.

You can't really go by how far in the bolts have gone because of the spring rate of the torsion bars and also how many miles/how much life is left in them. You'll have to jack the front end up. Twist them a few times (make sure to keep count) and lower it back down onto its own weight, then measure the difference in height at the center of the wheel well. Only way to tell.

I would also caution you away from 12" wide wheels. Thats a lot of stretch in the sidewalls compared to what 12.50s are meant for and will also cause more rubbing issues. For the spacers I've heard the 1" adapters don't fully cover the oem studs so you would have to either grind them down (bad idea imo) or get 1.25" spacers. Again, make sure they are hubcentric.

Holy crap! I missed the 12" wide wheel. Don't do that! Find a new wheel. You won't just rub a little rubber on your frame/sway bar, you'll have wheel to frame contact!

I know finding wheels for our trucks is a headache (we've all been there) but I really suggest you keep looking. Not only will you need 3" spacers (forget the 1.25-1.5" with a 12" wide wheel), you'll have a heavier wheel. Disaster waiting to happen. This is a major safety issue.

Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear but I can't say anything helpful about trying to run that setup. Sorry I didn't catch that earlier.

Okau well what about 18x10 or 18x9 which would be better. Like I said I'm just wanting the rims ajd tires to stick out and have thay mean looking stance to it. But I'm try I to go about it so I won't have any rubbin . So which would be better for what im wantin and which is gonna be harder to keep from rubbing. Both have the same backspacing. Of 4.5

so I have decided I need help, I can not find anything im satisfied with rim wise. im wanting al all chrome or chrome and black 18x10's sense I can run 12 wide. im just wanting to try and get the widest wheel possible without runnnin wheel spacers. im wanting it to stick out from under the fenders pretty good. ive got a couple of pictures of rims I have been looking at but they are all 9" wide so if anyone has some spair time and want to look around for a set I might be interested in send me some links.


<a href="http://s1321.photobucket.com/user/cww-kjw2012/media/Octane_Chrome_700-Cloned4117879667821_zps6196317d.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1321.photobucket.com/albums/u541/cww-kjw2012/Octane_Chrome_700-Cloned4117879667821_zps6196317d.png" border="0" alt=" photo Octane_Chrome_700-Cloned4117879667821_zps6196317d.png"/></a>


4.5 is the max I'd go for what you're looking for. Ideally, the least amount of backspacing you can find will be best. You're going to have rubbing though. No way around that. And if you are set on 12.5" wide tires AND them sticking out, you're going to have to trim cladding and the wheel wells.

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im not really worried about trimming. and these rims have like 6in backspacing and 5.75 or something like that its ridiculous. that why im in desperate need of help to find me a set of rims that are 10" wide and deep dish

Anyone who has searched for aftermarket wheels for Explorers has been through the same thing. What I'm telling you is from what I learned while searching for my own. I don't have time to do the searching for you but I know your frustration. Good luck.

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