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What do you think of this Aiwa?


January 24, 2004
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Kalamazoo, Michigan
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'97 XLT

I need something fairly cheap, yet I would like to be able to add subs in the future. I have a 97 XLT w/the Premium (non-jbl) sound. I like this head unit due to the front input (very handy for my iPod). Anyone have any expirence with Aiwa? Is this a good starter head unit? And what will I need to install it, im fairly good with electronics, but am a n00b with car audio, as I just got a car :chug: Any help is appreciated.

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forgot to mention, it's selling for $149.99 at my local best buy.

i was looking at that one too... i think it's like $129 at crutchfield. i'm probably going to get something else though. i love the AUX mini-stereo jack right on the front but i need another AUX input as well and it doesn't have sub preamp outs.

Aiwa just isn't as good quality as Pioneer.

Just read that I can add an Input to any Pioneer w/CD Controls. What is everyone's opinion on a <200$ pioneer?


Awia used to have good units in the mid late 90s but they have gone down since then. You can get a Pioneer or Alpine unit for a comparable price that is going to be much better.

I have a DEH-P5500MP and I love it! The only thing it lacks is the movies in the screen... although, if you're buying an audio accessory for the looks, you'll run into problems most of the time. Pioneer/Alpine are what I suggest. Very good audio quality with plenty of features.

That Pioneer looks sweet, but its a little out of my price range. WHat do you all think of the 4600? or any other suggustions?

Any Pioneer unit will be better than a similarly priced Aiwa.

Actually, that last post shuold read:

Any Pioneer will be better than ANY Aiwa

Aiwa's have always been nothing more than Jensen quality, with a little more flashy-ness to them......think of them as 'Crap, made pretty'

If you only have ~$150 to spend, I would look at buying some 'open box' units, or display models....that's where you can get some GREAT deals!


I have the Pioneer 4600MP. I love it. Only has two preouts but still. Does everything I need a h/u to do and more. Has great EQ adjustments built right in, too.