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What Does Everyone Think of Refurbished Amps?


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October 6, 2003
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94 XLT Auto 4x4
Who hates them and who likes them and why?
Does anyone have any horror stories?

It depends on who is doing the refurb - if it is the orignal factory then it should be fine, they know what they are doing and usually offer a warranty (90 days on Fosgate). If some other company is doing it then it is hard to say, it could be done right or it could be done just so the amp lights up and looks good.

What really worries me is all the amps on ebay that state "not in working condition" someone is buying them and I won't be surpised if they just resell them as used without mentioning that they were repaired.

Are you getting the new warranty or some warranty? As said before it depends if the factory did the work or not.