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What fits 2001 Expl Sport? Single or 2 DIN


August 23, 2007
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2001 Sport 4x4
Okay I have been getting the run around by a couple audio dealers regarding the din size of the factory installed unit.

I have a 2001 explorer Sport 2dr 4.0

The factory stereo from looking through post on this forum and other sites looks to be the ford model F87F-18C868-AC. AM/FM single CD at top of unit with a Cassette play near the middle.

I want to replace this unit with a DVD head unit and perfer to get a Double Din unit.

However I being told that my vehicle doesnt accept a 2 Din or double Din size head unit.. funny I think th estock system above is a doble Din correct?

What gives what fits correctly?


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Well actually you don't have either size. It's a 1.5 DIN... You can fit a double-din in with some minor trimming of your bezel and/or by using a double-din kit manufactured by a company such as Scosche.

No DVD, but I've had 2 dd stereos and 2 single dins in the 2001 Sport with no alterations. However, I've seen that DVD is as stevenadams says, and appears to be one of those odd fitment issues.


Okay thanks for the info
Now a stipid ? does the Scosche or other Double Din Kit say it fits the explorer or should I look for another model for the kit ?

A lot of them say they fit, but might not... If you buy from a store, be ready to try it out. They just say fits Explorer...



Metra 95-5600, you just cut the center piece out for a 2din radio or leave it in for 2 single din radios