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What happened?

June 14, 2009
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Midland, Texas
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1993 XLT
I tore apart my tranny today and found a real mess. I am not exactly sure what happened. I'm new, this is my first rebuild. I am pretty sure this is the forward clutch. It seems like the steels melted and flung metal all over the case. Does anyone have an idea of what happened? I have the trans torn apart, what parts other than the melted ones) am I going to need to replace to get things running again?

I have pictures but am unsure how to upload them, (as I said I am new) I would appreciate help on that as well. I think pictures would be helpful.

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Can't help you with your problem but I can help you post pictures. First upload the images to an image hosting site like photobucket. Then after you upload the photos there should be a URL for each picture.

Upload to Photobucket.com,





That gray sludge is normal and is found not only in the transmission, but also the transfer case and axles/differential.

But it looks like someone took out the magnet in the transmission pan as this magnet is supposed to collect that gray sludge before it gets to the filter. Without this magnet, the sludge entered the system and centrifugal force kept them glued to the outer walls of the drum.

That is not sludge on the clutch and gears, That is all solid metal, I can chip it off the sides of that casing shown in the pictures. The magnet is actually still in the pan, there was almost no metal on it when I dropped the tranny.