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What have i done wrong T/Case


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March 19, 2014
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1997 explorer xlt 4x4
Just rebuilt T/case bw4405 1997 xlt.Put it back in truck have hi and low 4wd but only front wheel drive and no rear wheel drive ????????? replaced shift fork,chain and hi/lo slide selector had cases m/c and bushed for fork rail, prior to this rebuild had rear wheel drive.Any tips will be appreciated .

That doesn't sound possible, since the chain driven front shaft won't turn unless the rear shaft is turning...clutch pack sets in splines on the rear shaft. How did the main input shaft look? Consider this though, there's only two ways to get the rear shaft turning. Both are done via the range collar, which bridges the main input to the rear output. High range is direct sliding splines...low range disengages the splines, and picks up the planetaries. If I am understanding 4405 operation correctly, what you describe could only be done by shearing the rear output near the flange.

Yeah your dead right couldnt happen only when you have t/case in neutral LOL.yep still learning about these trucks but anyways all good and runnin perfect thanks for ur response