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What is a 'wristed' radius arm?


February 14, 2009
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Willits, California
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91 xl
i was wondering what a wristed axle is. ive been reading alot of forums on here to get idiea's on my full with sas.also ive seen extended stock f-150radious arms on here i want to do this. but a budy of mine said u cant weld to cast.any idea?

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This upgrade is not meant for a ttb truck is it?

no, i dont think it will work with the ttb,but...u can have the radius arm's wristed on the ttb as far as i know.look around there might be a topic about this some were on here

Don't think it would work on a ttb setup. Because the beam only has one mount, the radius arm is what keeps each beam from flipping forward and backwards, or rather, it keeps it sitting "upright" through its travel. With a wristed arm, the beam would be able to wobble. A wristed radius arm works on a solid axle though because the other radius arm keeps the axle solid.

Here is mine:


Here it is in action w/ the pin pulled:



r u on full size axles? if so what buckets ru useing?does'nt look like u had to space them out from the frame.im doing a full size axle swap and i think im gunna move the radius arm brackets 2"in on the axle what do u think? will it work

I don't think Sparksaflyin' has ever put a pin in his, and I also think Froader left the pin out all the time he owned the truck. Heck we drove the truck home from California with no pin. I can't say if it is really needed or not.

Please read my build thread in for all my build info. Do a search for threads I started. I am using a Dana 44 narrowed 6" on full height 76 f150 buckets w/ 7" springs. I do not run mine around on the road with out the pin. It is extra stress on the tubes/ center section especially when braking at high speed. That and it handles worse- body roll, slowed braking response, and the clank! Anyway, my thread does a full write up on my setup and details.

thanks for the help kirby...but i think mine will have to be different because im going full-width.i want a wider stance.

If I did it again I would leave it full width and only move in the welded on axle "c" bushings 2 inches or so to match the frame. I think spacing out the coil buckets is janky! Either works though! It is only preference, really.