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What is custom on your truck?


March 18, 2007
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1994 XLT Eddie Bauer
So far i have only tinted my tail lights and made a ford brake light. I'm trying to get ideas.

I mean post anything that is custom made on your explorer like lights, intake, interior, exhaust, ect.

Thanks in advance

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Well once i get my new job and have more money i plan on doing alot of interior work - redo the entire interior in black, recover the seats in vinyl, column to floor shifter, change all the interior lights to red except the dome lights. tinted headlights and taillights bout it on this one because its gunna be my dd not sure what i'll do to the 2nd one when i get it.

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Cool captains chairs, you have a write-up about how you did that?

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hows that for custom!!

Not sure if this counts, but...

A-Pilar Guages(dead links)

the whole truck(s) pretty much hehehe

294K miles on the BII, 3-4 original parts left aside from the body and frame
the pass side window motor, the rear wiper motor and the heater controls are all still factory and working, everything else has been done, redone, customized or upgraded

Front suspension, front and rear bumpers, doors, interior etc...

Check my signature for details:D:exporange

right now i jsut got some clear coner/turn lights, fogs mounted on the grill, 31s and two 10" subs sittin in the back! getting ready to trade for a lift kit, and getting a donor truck to make min a manual!
and in hte near future hopefully a set of bucket seats in the rear!
gona be freaking sweet!

air horn, sterio, sub, shackels, seats, mini frige, intake, exhust, Ford antena ball. more to come

4" lift, intake, headers, flowmaster, in dash dvd 8" flip down 3 10's 1000 watt amp and 400 watt for the doors, warn hubs, tinted windows, stuff in the future that im planning on is half doors, maybe a 302 swap w a 700r4 tranny, spring over, 2" body lift to help w clearence for the 302, maybe a solid axle, and bumpers

o and that bucket seats in the back i like that

Few things in mine.

IMG_1948 (Small) (Small).jpg

IMG_1949 (Small).jpg

IMG_2599 (Small).jpg

When you say Custom, I assume that includes everything that I have swapped out in favor of something better...whether it be 'custom', 'aftermarket', or an OEM part used in my vehicle...

That list is VERY long..but let's see what I can remember..

I started with a 1992 100% stock Ford Explorer XL (read: STRIP DOWN model), as for OEM equipment I have added:

Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Overhead Console (Temp & Compass)
Limited Leather Seats
Limited Door Panels
Limited Grill
Limited Headlamp Trim
Limited Leather Steering Wheel
Limited Center Console & Arm Rest
Limited Driving/Fog Lamps
18" Saleen Rims
Sport Gas Tank

For "Aftermarket/Bolt-on" Stuff that I have done:

3" Drop Leafs in the Rear
2" Drop Block in the Rear
3" Drop I-beams in Front
2" Drop Springs in Front
Explorer Express AirDam (last one they had!)
Hurst Shifter
"Altezza" Tail lamps
6 pc Clear Front Lamp Set
CrossDrilled & Slotted Front Rotors
BBK Throttlebody
iFab Open Air intake Filter, and polished intake tube

And as for CUSTOM stuff:

CanDo Specialties Rollpan
Shaved Rear Hatch w/ Flipped T-handle
Shaved Doors
4.5" C-notched Frame

There is quite a bit more that I want to do, like air bags, make some custom mirrors, UnderDrive Pulleys and and Electric Fan,that should hold me over until I can someday do a 347cu. in Motor swap.


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mini frige,

So far, thats the one I want to hear about the most.

As for me, tranny gauge on the pillar, switches in the headlinger and console, front suspension, rear bumper, front hitch and im sure some other junk.