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What is custom on your truck?

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hey what's up guys this is my first post.
i got a smothed out roll pan and lowered 1st generation x on 22's
i'll post pics when i get home

it is a 12 volt mini frige. it pluges in to the cigarett lighter and only holds a 6 pack. works damn good though makes slushies.

I have a cone air filter with a water guard all around it so my engine wont get hydro locked, remote controlled fog lights, about to have my floor bed lined, a hidden speaker in the back cargo area I also did the acceleration cable mod so now I get a lot better throttle response just yesterday I cut through this inch thick steel and made a emergency brake peddle it was already chromed out so it looks awesome it came from a semi truck I ran new speaker wires and power wires to my stereo I pulled out the battery cables and replaced them with some more heavy duty ones also to day I am gunna cut up some more chromed out steel and make a new battery tray oh yeah and I almost forgot I moved my computer behind my glove box so it would be up higher incase water came in I also have a back window decal witch gives me privacy and also makes my window really shatter resistant I painted the speaker grills chrome and then mounted tweeters directly into the grills of the front to speakers

A water gaurd, Ive never heard of that. Can you snap a pic.

A water gaurd, Ive never heard of that. Can you snap a pic.

how it is angled in my explorer there is know way water could git into it also i dint feel like going out side and taking a pic because it is raning so i looked one up on the internet this is a whole air filter basically what i have but mine is bigger.

(dead links)

Front and rear axles, front suspension, Hand throttle (to be re-done...bike shifters suck), cb, rocker knockers, etc...

Lots of good ideas in here, I like that cute shifter for the BW1354.
I just almost finished fixing a 99 roll-over with a 93 rear clip. Mixing wiring circuits is the toughest stuff to do, being subtle that is. I added the OEM ARC air shocks to this truck, the rear height level automatically adjusts to my work loads. Regards,


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just check it out on the link below (dead links)



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i custom built this sub box and vinyl wrapped... 100% done myself 100% custom