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What is my best choice for a programmer/performance chip?

niCo tHe cEo

February 10, 2009
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03 4.0 explorer sport xlt
What up? Got a question for you guys. Im ridin a 03 4liter explorer sport. I got the magnaflow cat back on the way with a K&N air intake. I was thinking of adding a programmer/chip to my set up and I was wondering which programmer/chip you guys recommend. I really don't do any towing or heavy hauling. Its my daily driver and wouldn't mind squeezing a couple mpgs out of it. Im definitely trying to get better performance out of it. Links would be helpful of any site I can buy it from because I have been somewhat searching for this part. I already found the programmer that Jet supplies but was trying to get a more educated opinion........thanks for the help.

the sct xcal 2 or 3

I have an 06 xlt v6(4.0) with magnaflow and k&n filter,
my shifing and performance feel way over stock!
plus gas milage come with the right tune for you


I recommend SCT's X3 for your application. Others on this site can testify the quality of the unit and SCT's continued dedication to the Explorer platform.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Email