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What is the best place to get a radiator for 2006 v8


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November 16, 2007
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06EB V8
So at 149,300 miles I see a coolant dripping from my original radiator. I think it is the radiator, as the hoses are good, and I see the green staff at the bottom of the rad.

I have read pages of the radiator posts in here, and the biggest concern I see is (besides getting it out around the condenser) the transmission cooler lines fitting.

What is the best place to get a replacement radiator that will fit without any issues ?

And I do not want to spend $ 530 from Ford.

So far I see:

Autozone - Spectra B2816 for $ 225
Napa NR CU2816 $305
Advance Auto Parts Part No. 431313 $ 119

Also, do I need the fan clutch wrench and holding wrench for fan pulley ?

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Rockauto has the Spectre radiator for $182. They also have a few other options as cheap as $103.

Just changed mine on Monday. You don't have to take fan out. Trans lines came rite out with the special tool think it was 3/8 you just put around line and push it in to release the spring and then just pull line out. As for the rad take top shroud out. Take bolts for lower out and take out main bolts that hold the bracket to the side of rad. Think there's 4 of them. Then move rad toward engine a bit and look between condenser and rad you'll see one 8 mm bolt on each side loosen them but don't remove them. This allows everything more wiggle room to get out. And pop out the plastic grommits out the bottom of rad and you should be able to wiggle and get it out after a few. Wasn't to bad of a job

Thanks Bones1182

I'll be happy if I do not need to take the fan off. Mine is v8 so I may have less space in front. How many gallons of antifreeze did you pour back in ?

Also, did you just do it outside in that cold ? I am in Rockland County, and it's freezing, probably same in Staten Island.

This isn't the first time I've asked this (probably won't be the last), but I'd like to know why the selection of 2010 radiators is different than the 2006 selections?



Can the transmission cooler line fittings be transferred easily from the old radiator to the newer one?

I bought Spectra CU2816 for $ 190 for now.

we'll wait for warmer weather. I am adding coolant as needed. It's not leaking badly, but it is.

Can the transmission cooler line fittings be transferred easily from the old radiator to the newer one?
Good point, incompatible transmission coolant line fittings causing
leaks have been a past issue with the Gen 4 Explorer and later ST's.


Thanks for those links. I never thought to search "fittings".
Quite a treasure trove of info. I wouldn't have thought twice about spinning those fittings out of the radiator, and that would have created a huge problem if the cooler didn't seal up right afterward.

I see the "PRO Part" # 8012816 is sold for both years. Either they include adapters for both radiators, or some customers are going to be pissed!

I bought an aftermarket radiator from O'Reilly's and it came with both sets of fittings. The part number is 434079. If you browse by year model, it doesn't come up for 2006, only 2007, but it does fit the 2006. I installed it yesterday in about 3 hrs total. Really not a bad job at all.

Pic of radiator with both fittings:

The fittings you have to use for the 2006:

Thanks Ru55ell -

great info.

That confirms that I got the right one, mine radiator came with those type of fittings.

Thanks for taking the trouble to post the pics, RU55ELL. Answers a question that's bugged me since I bought the truck, and even before!

i just bought on from advanceauto.com for $202.00 free shipping I used promo code huge50 and saved $50 bucks, well see how it fits,


Part No 434079

Ru55ell -

did you loose any tranny fluid ? Do you have v6 or v8 ?

I lost about 1/4 of a quart of fluid, so no worries there. I have the 4.0 V6.

Here is a pic of my old OEM radiator. You can see it was leaking near the inlet side.


Oh, and another tip for when you hook the tranny lines back up to the new radiator, the OEM one has integrated metal clips that hold the coupling together. The aftermarket clips are plastic. There are 4 tabs on the clip: two that hold the clip into the coupling and two that hold the connection in the coupling. You have to stab the connection straight into the coupling or the clip will get crooked and the other two tabs will fall into the neck of the coupling and prevent the connection from going all the way into the coupling.

Cool, thanks for the info.


Did you ever finish installing your new radiator ? If so how was the job ? I just noticed mine is starting to leak so am beginning to plan for the same :( Since you have the tow package did the trans lines bypass the main radiator altogether ?

The job was OK, but pulling the old radiator out and dropping new one in was a PITA.
I got so upset when putting a new one in, that in the end I took a sawzall and trimmed the bottom plastic brackets as I was missing about 1/2 inch to place the new one. It should make the next change easier. See pix. The tranny lines were hooked up straight to the radiator.

I also replaced the thermostat, upper and lower hoses. They all look good but since I was there....
The lower hose took me almost an hour, can't imagine replacing that with radiator in.




I was thinking I'll do the hoses as well since the coolant will be drained. Thanks for the detailed reply and pics ! That bottom plastic does look to be a royal pain.

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In my case I also have the plow mount in front that did not help. But trimming the bracket solves the problem. I still have about an inch of vertical "wall" left, besides, the radiator has that oval post at the bottom that drops into corresponding oval opening in the bracket and then you have bolts on the top. It's not going anywhere.
7,000 miles later - no issues.